My Very Own Ocarina of Time

ocarinaOkay, so it’s not the actual Ocarina of Time but it’s a blue ocarina nonetheless. I’d been wanting one for an unbelievably long time and I was lucky enough to have one bought for me as a surprise gift recently. I can’t really play it at the moment, but don’t worry, I’ll soon have learned every Zelda song and posted it on here to destroy your eardrums.
I came across a website called ‘STL Ocarina‘ that sells ocarinas based on things from Zelda games including the obvious choice, the Ocarina of Time, and some other adorable ones such as rupees, potions and Hylian Shield ocarinas. If to you, money is no object or you live in the USA, then by all means go here but unfortunately the shipping charge is so high it really put me off getting one – for some of them the delivery was higher than the cost of the actual item. It can’t be denied that they are absolutely beautiful though and if I was ridiculously rich I would definitely buy them all!
My one is a soprano ocarina (I think) and it sort of sounds like a recorder since it’s really high pitched. It might just be because I’m not used to playing it but I think I’ll buy a tenor one as they have a much nicer sound.
Either way, just as a decorative piece I absolutely love my ocarina!

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