Toki Yoki

GateI found a shop called Toki Yoki in Newcastle and fell in love straight away. It’s absolutely adorable and I just wanted to buy everything! Most of their stock is pretty cheap too so you won’t have to sell a kidney or anything to shop here. To name a few things I’ve bought I have several little plastic bracelets (45p each), a maneki neko mirror (£4), a maneki neko purse (£4), a beautiful Japanese fan (£2.99), hair bobbles (£1.99 each), a character pen (99p) several phone charms (£1.99 each) and an amazingly cute panda bag (£20). It mainly sells things that are quite difficult to get hold of anywhere else so it’s well worth the money (everything is so cheap you end up buying waaay more than you realised) If you ever go to Newcastle it is absolutely worth going to this perfectly ‘kawaii’ little shop!

Toki Yoki


4 thoughts on “Toki Yoki

  1. Those prices are amazing. The phone charm is pretty cute and the purse too! I love going to Newcastle, I’ve been there maybe like 4 or 5 times just for the weekend or shopping for the day (it’s only like 2 hours in the train and if you book in advance it’s actually quite cheap.) I’ve never found ‘Toki Yoki’ though, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that. We did get pretty addicted to eating at St.Sushi. It’s great because if offers more ‘real’ sushi compared to Yo!Sushi and they served deep fried ice-cream, mmmm! Can’t wait to go back, thanks for the post!


    • I’m lucky because it’s quite local for me, only about an hour on the bus. I’m gonna do my best to describe where it is here so bear with me haha! There’s an entrance to Eldon Square near a Milkshack place where as soon as you walk in there is an escalator in front of you. Toki Yoki is just to the left of the escalator 🙂 and I love St. Sushi! My boyfriend and I stayed in Newcastle for a couple of days and we ate there both days because it was so delicious. I love the Ramune marble drinks they sell too!


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