Asian Culture in Newcastle

Konbanwa! Today I’d like to talk a bit about Newcastle, and what a wonderful place it is to experience Asian culture. My boyfriend and I were born and still live in the North East of England, so we visit Newcastle fairly often. My favourite thing about the city is definitely the food! So far we’ve visited three different Japanese restaurants and a couple of Chinese ones and they’ve all been absolutely delicious. In my hometown there is little to no choice of places to eat so it’s so good to be able to try something new! My new favourite is Osaka. The cherry blossom plates and delicious bento boxes are incredible!

Ikuze St Sushi 1384258834352I’m still a little undecided on Bubble Tea. It’s a Taiwanese drink with these little pobbles in that you suck up through the straw and then the (sort-of) bubbles burst in your mouth. I really don’t like tea (completely Un-British) so I HATE when it’s made really strong but chocolate bubble tea is lovely! There are a lot of bubble tea cafes to visit when in Newcastle.

When I visit other places I don’t see the point in looking in the same shops that you see day in, day out. One of our favourite shops is Animez. Everything in it is shipped from Japan and most of it is ridiculously difficult to get hold of anywhere else. Every time I go there I buy another original Japanese The Legend of Zelda badge. I love collecting Zelda items and it’s great to ownes that are authentic Japanese.

badgenewcastle thingsPerhaps the most obvious Asian culture present in Newcastle is the lovely Chinatown. With a variety of restaurants, Chinese supermarkets and authentic decorations, it feels like you could really be in China. Since there are so many Chinese students in Newcastle, you can even get Chinese TV! I think it’s fantastic that the city is embracing culture so readily.

Last time I visited Newcastle I went in my favourite Chinese supermarket and bought wayyy too many sweets and Ramune marble drinks (I should absolutely not find them as much fun as I do), including Meltykiss chocolates by Meiji. They are a winter exclusive because they melt when you put them in your mouth and they’re deeelicious!

food ramune meltykissGate13843529103321384353063068138435424210413843547771151384354177303 Enough rambling anyway! Unfortunately it won’t be easily accessible to all of you but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it. It’s delightful to get a slice of the Orient so close to home.

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