Mandarin Chinese Restaurant Review

After I’d been busy working all day, I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend treat me to a meal at a beautiful Chinese restaurant. It was the first time I’d been and to be honest, since everytime we go out it’s at a Chinese restaurant I was getting a bit bored of the same Chinese food (I always seem to order similar things).

When we walked in the first thing I noticed was a lovely atmosphere. The staff were very warm and pleasant and the restaurant itself was decorated beautifully. I found myself sat taking photos of it immediately. There was even authentic Chinese music on, which was really relaxing and just added so much to the experience. I was quite upset when I noticed that we were literally the only customers in there, especially since it was a Friday night. It must have been disappointing for the owners but it meant that we had a lovely, peaceful meal and I could enjoy it properly.

Normally when I’ve been to Chinese restaurants I’ve noticed the menus tend to be pretty much identical. But not this one! I’d never seen so much delicious-sounding food on one menu, I was totally spoilt for choice! Since it was the first time I’d been there I thought I would try something new for my starter and chose the minced prawn dumplings. I’m not sure what the sort of ‘dumpling batter’ was made of but it was all absolutely gorgeous!

They were presented in a pretty bamboo steamer and the waiter was even kind enough to bring me two little dishes of Chinese vinegar and soy sauce to go with them. I snaffled some of my boyfriend’s (TWO!) starters as well and they were equally delicious so if you decide to go there, I would definitely recommend the prawns wrapped in rice paper, and the deep fried crab meat sticks. 

They actually asked us if we were ready for the main or would like to wait a while, which I thought was a nice touch and I would definitely go as far as to say it was the tastiest Chinese food I’ve ever had! I ordered the spicy stir fried prawns with sticky boiled rice so it was easier to eat with chop-sticks. The dishes were presented beautifully and came with a small bowl on the side which I used to make smaller portions to try and eat more! The portion sizes were pretty big so I didn’t manage it all but I’ve never wanted to keep eating more in all my life! I will definitely go there again as I couldn’t pick one fault with the service or the food and I would recommend it to anyone.

They even provide a takeaway service too as long as it is over £10, so if you don’t fancy going out to a restaurant you can still experience their delicious food!

Location: 236-238 Linthorpe Road
TS1 3QP 

Phone number:01642 222191 

Opening hours: 5:00-10:45 every day

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