Cute things from Stockton Collectors’ Fair

Konnichiwa! Today I visited a collectors’ fair for Sci-fi and TV/film related things in Stockton. Unfortunately I could only visit it very, very briefly as I was on my half hour break at work (booo). It was absolutely heaving inside and it was filled with great collectables and stalls containing original items that had been hand-made. Some of it was ridiculously overpriced (who wants to pay £30 for a fabric bag? Not me.) but there were some really great finds there. I wish I’d had the chance to look around a bit more.
The event was run by Who-Ray shop, a brilliant little shop on Silver Street in Stockton that, if you hadn’t guessed by the title, mainly sells a lot of Doctor Who related things. I’m a big original Doctor Who fan so this was what enticed me, but I spotted a few Asian inspired things in there too that I just had to buy!

cupcake2The reason I bought this sweet Pokéball cupcake was because 1.) it was cute and 2.) the stall was EMPTY. I felt so sorry for the people who were running the stall because they’d been placed upstairs and there weren’t half the amount of people as there were downstairs. They’d clearly put a lot of effort into making them (they even had Death Star cupcakes) so I thought it’d be nice to support local businesses and give them the £1.50 they were asking for!

necklaceAs soon as I saw this necklaceI fell in love with it. It was only £3.50 and was just too cute to resist! I’m an absolute sucker for cute things.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
Arigatou for reading!

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