Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

nail polishKonnichiwa readers! I’ve already talked about this nail polish before but I have a new colour to review today – BL601. I was disappointed by the first nail polish because it was meant to be red but it was more of a coral colour, but this colour is gorgeous and exactly how it was pictured.

This tealy-turquoise colour is my absolute favourite colour so I have a few nail polishes already that are quite similar but I couldn’t resist. The packaging is just so cute! And it was only £1.70 so why not? Every Etude House product I’ve used has been wonderful and this nail polish is no exception. The applicator is really easy to use so I don’t end up with nail polish all over my hands (as much – I’m still useless at applying it), and the colour is completely true to the picture. I think it’s so pretty.

nail polish3I’ve had mine on for a couple of days now and it hasn’t chipped which is a pretty big achievement for me! I’m really not one of these people who’s like ‘oh I can’t do that I might ruin my nails’, so they’re always ruined about a day after I’ve painted them. But not this time, yay!

I love this nail polish so much I’m probably going to end up buying all the colours! I’ve already ordered a different type of Etude House nail polish so I hope this one works just as well. If you want to buy this nail polish click here!

Arigatou for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this review.
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4 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

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      • I don’t think they had a proper name for it as it’s their main range . I only know that their packaging changed . Maybe I’ll update my blog some time on all the nail polishes I own and give an overview of how I find them ?


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