Review: Holika Holika BB Cream & Eyeliner

tumblr_lkgsak7ioT1qijlyoo1_500bbKonbanwa little mochis! I have another review for you today. I’ve been after a Korean BB cream for ages but I was a bit worried about buying one in case it didn’t match my skin tone (I am as pale as milk). I always test out my skin make-up beforehand but obviously I can’t do this online, so I decided to brave it and order Holika Holika Petit BB Moisture Cream. It comes in 5 different types: moisture, clearing, essential, shimmering and watery but after reading up on the product I thought moisture would be the best one for my skin type. I paid around £3.50 for mine from BeautyNet Korea, which was an absolute bargain!

Here’s what it looks like:

bb2 bb3 bb4When I saw the colour I thought ‘Jesus this is absolutely not for me, I have made a fatal error, what have I done?’ As you can see, at first it looks really dark compared to my skin. But with a little blending…low and behold, it’s actually a perfect match!

I’d go as far as to say it’s actually the best skin product I’ve used! I’m lucky to have fairly good skin, apart from a little dryness and rosy red cheeks, so foundation can seem really heavy on my face. I’ve tried countless types and I only apply a little but it always seems to look like I’ve caked it on.

Holika Holika’s Petit BB Cream made my skin look really natural and healthy and evened my skin tone out a lot. It also gave me a nice dewy glow that is very popular in South Korea. I’d love to have taken a picture of the BB cream on my face but it just wasn’t showing up very well, you’ll have to take my word for it how nice it is!

The only warning I’ll give is that the consistency is quite thin. I wasn’t concentrating on what I was doing and it ran out of the bottle and all over my hand, so just be careful this doesn’t happen! Although you probably aren’t all as dozy as I am. It does seem to adapt to your skin tone but I couldn’t exactly say for sure which skin tones this will suit for definite. But pale girls, here is a bb cream that will actually match!

tumblr_lkgsak7ioT1qijlyoo1_500eyelinerNow for another Holika Holika product. This is their Jewel-Light Waterproof Under Eyeliner in number 8 – Pink Topaz. I am a huge fan of pink eye products and I love all the shimmering eyeliners and eyeshadows that are used in Korean beauty to make your eyes look pretty and dewy.

I love this product! I actually cannot explain how good this eyeliner is. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t look over the top but is still noticeable and delicately pretty. It’s a lovely pale pink colour with just the right amount of shimmer, it’s so girly! Not like me at all but I just go crazy for products like this.

eyeliner2This eyeliner does not come off. Seriously, I mean that. After I drew a line on my hand for the photo, I went in the shower and when I came out it was completely intact. I then tried scratching it off and it didn’t budge. Now at this point I was a little worried I had essentially tattooed myself with shimmery eyeliner but mercifully, it came off incredibly easily with a make-up wipe. I think this is perfect; it comes off when you actually want it to and absolutely no sooner.

I bought mine for £3.50 from KollectionK and I’m so impressed buy them I’ll definitely be buying other colours. I can’t go a day without my eyeliner so I think I’ll get some nice bright colours for summer.

These are the first Holika Holika products I’ve used (I felt like I should try some brands other than Etude House) and I have to say, I’m a big fan. They’re cheap and they work! What more could you want?

I hope this review has been helpful.
As always, arigatou for reading.


2 thoughts on “Review: Holika Holika BB Cream & Eyeliner

  1. That BB cream is my holy grail of BB’s too! Omg, I can’t even gush about it enough. I’ve tried a lot of other korean bb creams and a lot of them are good, but I always go back to this one…which is like the cheapest one. It’s like magic the way it blends into the skin, I am also pretty milky white.


    • I absolutely love it! I’d love to try the other types too 🙂 I’ve just been pricing up an Innisfree foundation too and it looks pretty pale so I might just give it a go!


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