Review: Etude House Play Nail Polish

Konnichiwa! Today I’m going to be reviewing my new Etude House nail polish. It’s from their huge Play nail collection and mine is in shade #89 – a lovely mint colour. I love the colour green but for some reason, I didn’t have any green nail polishes at all! What better place to begin than with Etude House?


nail collageMine came from Yesstyle and cost £3.78 but you can get them cheaper on Ebay (I was using up store credit).If you follow my blog you’ll know I’ve already tried a couple of Etude House nail polishes in their ice cream series so let’s see how this one fares. I always find it so annoying when the colour on your nails doesn’t match how it looks in the bottle but I definitely didn’t have this problem here. It’s exactly how I was expecting, and I absolutely love the colour. I’m already wondering why I don’t have more green nail polishes. It’s more watery than the ice cream nail polishes so you will need a couple of coats; one coat looks quite thin and patchy. But it’s not exactly a lot of effort to do this so it’s not a problem. I always love the finish of jelly nail polishes so I really like how this one looks.

I found the applicator more difficult to use than the ice cream nail polishes too and it did sort of go all over my hands (oops). But in fairness, I’m horrendous at painting nails anyway. Considering it’s one of their more expensive nail polishes I’m really hoping the lasting power is good. I’ve only just put it on though so I’ll have to update you on this!

nail5I fancied a bit of sparkle today so I went over it with ‘Aqua Glitter’ Barry M nail polish for a mermaid effect. My nails are probably going to be ruined at work tomorrow but it’s nice to feel pampered anyway.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the review,
Arigatou for reading

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