Kawaii Treats from Blippo!

Konnichiwa everyone! I’ve already done a post about Blippo before so you’ll know how much I love this kawaii store. The store is updated really frequently with new items so I can’t stop myself from buying cute things. And it’s free delivery! I love free delivery, it is music to my ears. If there is one thing I hate it’s finding a shop you really like, adding loads of stuff to your virtual basket and then realising it’s a gazillion pounds for the delivery. Booo.

Here’s what I bought this time around (I’m actually waiting on another package filled with Meiji Yan Yans too, oops)

blippo1I got a kokeshi pen, some cute stickers, a cake bracelet, strawberry nail stickers, bow hair clips, ice cream hair clips and lollipop hair pins (yes I know I’m 20 but they were adorable). You also get a free keyring with every purchase so I now have about 4. All this came to £10.50. Yep, £10.50. I love this shop.

blippo collageKokeshi pen – 81p
Kokeshi sticker set – £1.42

blippo collage2Strawberry nail stickers – 98p
Cake bracelet – £2.79
Lollipop hairpins – £1.55
Ice cream hair clips – £1.55
Ribbon hair clips – £1.55

I absolutely adore the bracelet, it’s so dainty and cute! There are lots of other bracelets similar to this on the website with popsicle and doughnut charms too.

If you want to have a look at Blippo, click the picture below ^.^


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post,
Arigatou for reading


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