Japanese Chocolates

Konbanwa everyone! ^_^
Since I’m not going to Japan anymore I decided to try and cheer myself by buying some tasty Japanese chocolate. It can be quite difficult/expensive to get hold of but I bought mine from Tofu Cute and the delivery was only £2.99 and my order arrived the day after it was dispatched (woo).

foodOne of the things I really wanted to buy in Japan was some Kit Kats. I know this might sound silly currently as you can buy Kit Kats in England, but not in all the crazy flavours available in Japan! The top flavour is Soy Sauce! Sounds unconventional but I’d love to try it. So when I came across Japanese Kit Kats on Tofu Cute I was over the moon. There may not have been a vast selection of flavours but it was good enough for me! I bought two strawberry flavoured ones, and two bakeable pudding flavoured ones. Get this, you actually bake them in the oven before you eat them. I can’t wait!

food6 food7I found the size of them hilarious. They are so cute and small! I felt a bit swizzed that four of them cost me £5 so I don’t think I’ll be buying them again but at least I can say I’ve tried them. Just look at how teeny it is compared to my hands (and I have ridiculously small hands anyway).

food collage food2I also bought a Meiji Rich Strawberry Chocolate Bar, I can’t wait to eat this. Yum. And some Saku Saku Strawberry Panda Biscuits. I think I went a bit mad on strawberry this week! I’ve already eaten a couple of the biscuits and they are absolutely delicious. They are definitely my new favourite Japanese snack and I can’t wait to buy more. It’s a good job I go to the gym or I’d most likely be horribly fat!

If you want to check out their website click on the picture below

Happy eating everybody!

Arigatou for reading


5 thoughts on “Japanese Chocolates

  1. All the candies you got are so cute and look delicious~ ^^ It’s cool how one of them has to bake in the oven before you can eat it *u* Great post! I love everything~
    -Kiyomi xx


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