Sweet Treats in Darlington

Hi everyone! I’m sat listening to the Ocarina of Time soundtrack while writing this, and it just makes everything seem better. I defy anyone to get to Epona’s song and not feel instantly happier.
I’ve been working flat out for the past few weeks but me and my best friend still made time to have a shopping day in Darlington. My favourite place there is definitely the Art Shop, I could spend all day choosing jewellery charms, manga markers and pretty paper.

I realise this probably looks like I went shopping for a 5 year old but small, cute things make me happy, okay?! I was so happy to find the candyfloss lip balm as I’d seen one online before but with delivery it was about £8. Boo, I will never pay that. But I found this in Claire’s for only £2! I bought a couple of Letraset Promarkers too in pretty pastel shades since I don’t have any pinks or purples yet. I’m looking forward to trying them out as I haven’t done any drawing for a while.

Darlington1Darlington6This was definitely my favourite buy! I was over the moon to find this in Claire’s too for just £6. It’s so cute, I love the little faces on the tiny sushi. They also have a necklace in this style so get out and buy one! If you’re not familiar with Claire’s but want to check it out, click here. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s idol Katy Perry has just launched a range with them too.I decided to treat myself to some soap and a bath mallow too from Fizzylicious, which I absolutely love. Their products smell so pretty. I especially love the bath mallow; it smells exactly like strawberries and cream. At the end of this long week I’m going to treat myself to a lovely, hot, candle-lit bath.

Darlington4 Darlington5I got these adorable wooden charms from the Art Shop too. I seem to be addicted to strawberry things lately. I bought some elastic and I’m going to make my own bracelet with them so I’ll make sure to take a photo when it’s done ^_^ They only cost 15p per charm too!

Darlington7The last thing I bought was this pretty cosmetics case. It was only £5 from Primark and I thought it would be perfect for holding all of my Korean makeup. (sidenote: it is now full to the brim with Korean makeup. Someone stop me from buying things. Please.)

I rounded off the day with a delicious strawberry milkshake and banoffee pie. It was absolutely the tastiest banoffee pie I have ever had so if you are ever in Darlington go to Cooper’s. Trust me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!
Arigatou for reading


8 thoughts on “Sweet Treats in Darlington

    • I couldn’t believe it was only £6! You can’t really see in the photo but each sushi has a different face – so adorable 🙂 they have other ones with sweets on and stuff too, but the sushi one is definitely the best


  1. Hey hun! I got that bracelet from Claires today – wow, it just makes me laugh every time I look at the faces 😛 I love it and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for finding it – I am not taking any of the credit but this thing is awesome 😀 thank you for making me smile today 🙂


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