Review: Etude House Play Nail #117

591512duerl3qylsHi everyone!

Playnail2Today I’ll be reviewing one of Etude House’s Play Nail collection. It’s the adorable, glittery heart-filled nail polish – #117. I’d originally seen one similar to this by A’pieu but the store I ordered it from was out of stock, so when I spotted this replacement I was really happy!
It’s a clear nail varnish with little white confetti and white, pink and silvery hearts. It’s very pretty and girly. I always use another colour under clear nail polish so I used a lovely pink colour by Barry M called ‘Guava’.

Playnail1I really love this nail polish! As with all of the Etude House polishes I’ve tried, it’s cheap in price but great in quality. It’s long-lasting, different and just looks so pretty on your nails. The only problem I had with it was that getting the hearts on the applicator was quite difficult. The confetti applied really easily but the glittery hearts just seemed to stay in the bottle, which meant I had to scrape it out before I could put it on my nails. It’s great once it’s on, but it’s a little bit of a faff actually using it.

Playnail3I would’ve liked to have more hearts all over my nails, but because of the difficulty I had I just had to settle for one on each nail. I’d still like to buy their other novelty nail polishes though, especially the adorable Minnie Mouse ones! I bought #117 from Beauty Net Korea (surprise surprise) for only £2.50, but they’ve sold out now unfortunately. You can get them on Ebay too though, and I’d definitely recommend Etude House nail polishes, even if you aren’t a fan of glittery, girly nail polish.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!
Arigatou for reading

7 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Play Nail #117

  1. I have this nailpolish too! It’s sooo cute but I agree it can be a little annoying trying to get the glitter you want out. 😦 I found some of their other glitter ones with less novelty, just round or square glitters, do work better. If you can find some you should try the Juicy Cocktail sets! I have #2 Kiss of Fire Pink and it’s the besssst! So shimmery and glittery! ^_^


    • I was just looking at those yesterday! I’m so tempted to buy the Violet Love one, it looks so pretty but I might have to buy the pink one now too 😀


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