Kawaii Macaroons

strawberryKonbanwa everyone! This is probably the longest it’s been since I’ve posted. It’s only been about a week but it feels a lot longer. The reason is simply that I haven’t been at home so I’ll be posting more regularly again now.

Today’s post is about macaroons. I’ve never actually eaten a macaroon before but I always think they look so pretty. I’m sure they’ll be very tasty. Since my last post I’ve been in Claire’s more often and this week I came across an adorable macaroon bracelet. I realise I should probably stop buying so much ‘childish’ jewellery but it was so cute I couldn’t resist! Just look at their little faces!

macaroon braceletIf you want to buy one yourself you can click here or alternatively, pop into your local Claire’s store and pick one up for just £5.50. Such a bargain.

macaroon bracelet 2I also bought a macaroon lip balm from Beauty Net Korea a while ago. It’s by It’s Skin and is simply called ‘Macaron Lip Balm’ – it’s available here for £3.70. You should know that if I’m recommending anything on here it’s always going to be reasonably priced. The packaging is lovely. It genuinely looks like a real macaroon. Almost good enough to eat! It smells delicious as well. The lip balm comes in four different types: strawberry, green apple, grape and pineapple. I got the green apple but I’m wishing I’d bought the pineapple one as well. My lip balm smells like fresh apples, it has a nice texture and it’s very moisturising so it’s well worth the (small amount) of money.

collage macaroonI really hope you’ve enjoyed this very macaroony post.
Arigatou for reading.


8 thoughts on “Kawaii Macaroons

  1. Aww that’s seriously adorable! I’m dying for the lip balm now as well as I’ve been searching for apple – I have raspberry and lemon cosmetics but it’s hard to find apple near me 🙂 Also, just wondering (and I think I’m right) but is your url a reference to Eden of The East by Kenji Kamiyama? If so you are LITERALLY, apart from my sister, the only person I’ve ever met who has seen it and I love you already! Eden of The East ROCKS!


    • You should definitely get one, I completely recommend it 🙂 and YES! it is haha, no-one else seems to get the reference. It’s so nice to find someone who does! 😀


      • Haha, I’m searching eBay for it, I’m so short on money though, hopefully I’ll get some within the next month or so!
        And woo!! Glad I was right – I know right! Quite a few of my friends watch anime but none of them have heard of Eden of the East and I keep saying ‘you’re missing OUT!’ 🙂 This reminds me, there’s a new Studio Ghibli film – the last one ever apparently!


      • They definitely are, it’s such a good anime! The Wind Rises? 🙂 it looks great doesn’t it? I watched the preview on Film 4 when it was on, I can’t wait til it’s out. I really hope it’s not the last film 😦 Their films are so incredible, I hope they always make them!


      • It is, it’s amazing – honestly the plot is just so good! 🙂
        YEP! My sister and I were planning on seeing it but found out it was only showing in London cinemas and er, we don’t live in London so boohoo 😥
        And I hoped it wasn’t going to be either but Miyazaki retired in 2013, I’m going to cry. HOWEVER the film ‘The Tale of Princess Kaguya’ is labelled under Studio Ghibli and simply written by the remaining two writers! I really hope Studio Ghibli never quits even if one of it’s founders did! 🙂


      • Me too, I’d love to see Princess Kaguya, it looks so pretty! I hate how everything is only ever shown in London 😦 they always have the best stuff there, it’s like no-one cares about any other part of the country


      • Me too haha! And I know right, I know London has a large population and that’s what is needed for a good profit but it’s like there’s Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham that are massive too – just because London is the capital doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to pay £30 for a train ticket to pay £7 more for a film 😥


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