Japanese Sweets

sweetsHi everyone! Last week I went back to Newcastle and discovered my favourite Chinese supermarket is stocking lots of tasty Japanese treats – one of them is annoyingly upside down in the picture. I bought a Hello Kitty strawberry Yan Yan (I tried buying other Yan Yans but they just aren’t as nice as the Hello Kitty ones), a cola and soda flavour chew, some Hello Kitty fruit sweets, some Chinese strawberry gummies, Fujiya Anpanman grape gummies, strawberry mochi and a mini Meiji chocolate selection. The little packets of chocolate are so cute and small. It was nice to try a few different types without worrying about buying a big packet and not liking them.

sweets2I love the Apollo strawberry cones, which I’ve had before, but I HATED the coffee ones. It’s only because I dislike coffee though, I’m sure they’re delicious to all you coffee fans. I’m still undecided about the Choco Baby ones as they tasted a bit cheap but the ones that look like smarties were delicious. The Fujiya Anpanman grape gummies were horrible though, really not to my taste at all. Although my boyfriend loved them. I loved everything else I tried so I’ll be buying more on my next jaunt to Newcastle.

mochi2I love the packaging on the mochi, it’s adorable. Strawberry mochi is the only kind I really like and these only cost 30p each so I buy them whenever I can.

I also treated myself to some more Ramune drinks. It’s a Japanese soda that I absolutely love. And I’m such a child I was completely sold by the novelty marble idea (there is a marble blocking the top that falls into the drink when you open it).

ramuneSo, I think it’s time to maybe start hitting the gym with all this food.
I keep trying to eat healthy constantly but I always end up giving in to little treats. I think I’ll try eating Japanese food more often and learn to cook it better since their meals are so healthy and delicious.

Arigatou for reading, and happy eating


7 thoughts on “Japanese Sweets

  1. Their sweets and treats just look so much better than ours! They are so colourful and happy! I love mochis and I have tried the mango ones which I thought were amazing! Got a whole box of them for Chinese New Year last year and they didnt last long lol!! I definitely need to go back into town and get some stuff from the Chinese Markets, I get so excited when I go, I just want to live in the shop πŸ™‚


    • I know, I wish they were more easily available and I’d never buy English sweets again! 😦 I’m thinking of buying a box of strawberry mochis since they have them in the Chinese Supermarket, trying not to be greedy though since I tend to eat too much food haha


      • haha u can never be too greedy when it comes to oriental sweets πŸ˜› I am doing a chinese supermarket run and go in all of the ones i do one after the other come payday πŸ˜€


  2. They’re so prettyyyyy ❀ You're so lucky, I remember I found one time a little japanese store, I bought enough sweets, mochis, ramunes…for 2 weeks. I couldn't find it afterwards and then I moved… 😦 in short…NO MORE JAPANESE SNACKS for me ! 😦 except online which is crazily expensive !
    They look really lovely though, I especially like the chocolate selection…It looks Yummy…<3
    Hope you had fun eating them ^~^


    • It’s ridiculous how expensive buying online is! 😦 I buy a lot of mine from Blippo.com, they’re pretty reasonably priced and it’s free delivery πŸ™‚ and there’s lots of tasty snacks to choose from! No Ramune though 😦
      The chocolate selection was delicious! Absolutely tiny though, not enough chocolate for greedy ol’ me haha πŸ˜€


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