Japanese Sailor Style

I’ve always loved Japanese school uniforms and hated my own terrible English one. My secondary school uniform just looked so scruffy to me; just a simple polo shirt and black skirt or trousers. But Japanese uniforms always look so smart and cute.

I shop on Yesstyle quite a lot, it’s a lovely website selling clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up and more from Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. I came across an adorable sailor-style top which I fell in love with straight away. And it was only £12.51! (bit of an strangely priced item) I bought it as soon as I saw it since it was exactly what I’ve been looking for and was such a great price. It’s free delivery over £20 so I also bought a couple of nail varnishes as well, which I can’t wait to review.

top2 top editnail varnishIf you want to buy the top click here

Sticking with the Japanese school uniform theme, I also bought a couple of schoolgirl bow ties from Ebay. They were only £3 each and I absolutely love them! They come in a few different colours and they’re really great quality. If you want to have a look, click here

collage bowsI hope you’ve enjoyed this post everyone. I can’t wait to wear everything!
Arigatou for reading




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