Games You Really Should Play #1


GrandiaTheEndoftheWorld2If we were flying like the wind, I wonder if the things I see 

would be the same things you see.


 Grandia will always be one of my favourite games. Released on the PlayStation 1 in 1999, the graphics may not look particularly amazing now but to me they, and the game have stood the test of time.

It’s an extremely extensive game, on all my saves there is at least 70 hours of game play. And because it’s such a long game, there are countless imaginative, beautiful places to visit throughout. I hate when you’re really enjoying a game and then it suddenly, abruptly ends and you’re left feeling disappointed. Even though Grandia is a long game, I can honestly say there was not one part where I was bored.
The game follows Justin, a courageous and kind (and somewhat mischievous) adventurer who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. Along with other endearing characters, your quest is to find Alent, the ancient city of knowledge. (And take out the Garlyle Forces in the process)

collage grandiaOne thing you will have to put up with is the hilariously terrible voice acting. For me it’s funny and nostalgic but if you’re a new player, it’ll probably just be irritating. Luckily, there are only random cut scenes with speech and it’s not the entire way through. However, if you’re casting a magic spell, be prepared for ‘oh wind, blow ’em away!’, ‘see my power!’ and equally cheesy lines.

The combat is turn-based and I love games where you can level up your characters. Your characters can gain so many magic spells and special attacks that there’s always a chance to build your character’s strength.

The fantasy world the game is set in is wonderful. Filled with so many different races, plants, villages and monsters it is imagination at its best. I’ve never been a huge fan of realistic games anyway and always preferred to immerse myself in games set in completely different worlds. It has one of the most addictive soundtracks I’ve ever heard too. I challenge anyone to play this game and not hum/whistle/sing along with the background music. I’m almost positive it’s impossible.

I promise you, you are thoroughly missing out if you don’t play this game.
For a first rate adventurer, it comes with the territory!


7 thoughts on “Games You Really Should Play #1

      • Really? Hmm I think it was about last year when there was something going around about them making a remake (possibly Majora’s Mask). Remake or not, I’ve seen quite a bit of Hyrule Warriors on Tumblr and ahh I’m super excited~


      • Oh yeah I remember that actually, it would be quite cool to see a remake of Majora’s Mask 🙂 not that it needs it really, it’s a stunning game anyway! I wish I could afford a Wii U for Hyrule Warriors 😦


      • Wouldn’t it~ I agre, classics are classics, but playing and comparing both versions would still be fun! ^^ Ahh, I think the original wii was fine by itself?! Like I don’t even want the wii u, I don’t really like the concept ;;


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