Korean Nail Polish Review

tumblr_lkgsak7ioT1qijlyoo1_500purple nail 4Hi everyone! Today I have a very pretty nail polish review for you. I bought yet another Etude House Play nail polish. This one is shade #47. I don’t have many purple shades but I saw this lovely colour and had to get it. It applied just as easily as Play nails always do, but I love this one in particular because it’s a jelly nail polish. It had a lovely, shiny finish and the colour is now one of my favourites. You can see by the photo, I’m not particularly great at painting my nails neatly, but ignore that and just look at the pretty colour! Click here to buy it.

purple nail 2I also bought this Smoothie Nail nail polish in ‘Kirameki Soda’ by Lucky Trendy (long title). I got it because I thought it would look really good over the top of the Etude House nail polish and I was right! Click here to buy it.

tumblr_lkgsak7ioT1qijlyoo1_500purple nail 3If you read my nail polish review on Etude House’s Play Nail #117 (the pink heart and confetti one), you’ll remember the problems I had getting the glittery hearts out of the bottle. So I was really pleased that the Smoothie Nail polish applied really easily.My nails did actually look better in real life than on the photograph, but it still shows pretty well how they looked when finished.

purple nailThey both applied really easily, dried fairly quickly and looked great on. My one problem was that they chipped extremely early on (the next day), but this was probably helped by the fact I forgot to put top-coat on. So definitely use top-coat with these nail polishes or your pretty nails won’t last very long!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post everyone!
If there are any products in my haul posts you’d like me to review, just let me know.

Arigatou for reading



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