Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint (Lavender & Red)

fresh cherryHello everyone! Today I’m reviewing probably my favourite every-day lip product ever! I reviewed the Cherry Pink and Cherry Peach ones quite a while ago but since they released the special edition lavender and coral tints I thought I’d do another review!

I bought PP501 (Cherry Lavender) and RD301 (Cherry Red) from Beauty Net Korea for £3.70 each. I still need to get the coral and hot pink and then my collection is complete!

fresh cherry collageThe reason I love these tints so much is because they are simply wonderful! I have extremely dry lips and Fresh Cherry Tint is so moisturising I don’t even have to use a lip scrub before I apply it. There are some colours such as the Cherry Pink and Cherry Peach that are quite subtle and give a pretty, fresh faced look and the two that I’m reviewing are great for a statement lip.

The packaging is quite simple but really pretty and effective. I always want to keep the box it comes in! But I’m quite clumsy and it usually ends up looking a bit worse for wear and then I unfortunately have to throw it out.
It also smells great. It’s not overpowering but it has a lovely fresh (I know it’s in the title but that’s the only way I can describe it) scent that I adore.

CherryBorder10I was quite undecided about getting the Cherry Lavender tint because I was worried it was going to be too lilac-y but I’m so glad I bought it! It’s now one of my favourite lip colours because you can wear it at any time and for any situation and it still manages to suit them all. I think it’s a really pretty colour for summer and I find myself reaching for it more and more. fresh cherry4I bought the Cherry Red just because I want to get all the colours and I didn’t have a really bold lip tint. This is definitely my new favourite product! It’s a lot more vibrant than in the promotional pictures which I’m really happy with. Most of my vibrant reds tend to dry my lips out a bit but this one makes them look very pretty and doesn’t dry them out at all. I can’t believe they only cost £3.70!

At this point I’m probably sounding like I’m some crazy spokesperson for Etude House, but I assure you, this is just my own opinion. Buy one, and buy one now!

fresh cherry collage2This is what they look like on my lips. I’m not very good at taking photographs of my lips but I think this shows the colours fairly accurately. The red is actually even more vibrant than it looks in the picture though.
I hope this has given you a good idea of the product if you are unfamiliar with it and I hope you’ve enjoyed the review.

Arigatou for reading


6 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint (Lavender & Red)

  1. I’ve been searching for a lilac colored lipstick/lip tint like that! Does it last all day or do you have to reapply it? It’s also hard finding a turquoise colored lipstick, which I think would be a great base color to mix with other colors.


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