Sailor Moon Merchandise!

Hi everyone! Just after I found out I couldn’t go to Japan, I had a little bit of a meltdown including a LOT of retail therapy. Most of the things I bought were sailor moon related and they all came from Ebay, and pretty cheaply too! You can click any of the links to check out the items for yourself, so here’s what I got:

moon1 moon23-piece pendant set
I love these pendants so much! They came in a great collectible box and the chain is included too. I really like being able to chop and change between which pendant I’d like to wear.

The set only cost £7.55 with free shipping so it was a total bargain.

(When you click the link for this item, the other necklace and the keyring, it takes you to the same page because you can choose them all from here)




moon collage2Crisis Moon Necklace

Again, this necklace has super cute packaging. The boxes they come in are such a great novelty. The necklaces are extremely good quality and there are other varieties too. This one cost me just £5.55.

moon collageCrystal Star Keychain

I spotted this keyring and just had to buy it! Well, it was only £2.99 so it would’ve been rude not to, wouldn’t it? It’s cute, quirky and looks adorable on your keys, bag or wherever you want to clip it on to.

moon8Crystal Star Handbag

This was the most expensive item in my haul. It was £19.99 but worth every penny. It’s fairly well sized so I can fit my purse, keys and some other vital things (such as Fresh Cherry Tint) in my bag when I’m going out. It’s very pretty and I love wearing it with any outfit.

moon12Here’s my keychain on my bag. Cute overload.

moon collage3Sailor Moon Print Tee

This cute t-shirt only cost £7 with free delivery. I love Ebay. It’s really good quality, lovely soft material and looks great on. I ordered a large to be on the safe side because Asian sizes are teeny! It always makes me feel huge but I’m a size ‘small’ in England! I was worried the colour would run when I washed it but I haven’t had any problems at all. It’s a really fun top to wear but I’m trying not to wear it with my necklaces or bag as I don’t want to look like crazy Sailor Moon fan-girl.

moon11I’m really happy with all my purchases, and even though I went a bit mad with my money, I’m glad I didn’t spend too much!
So today I’m going to settle down with an Indian take-away, some pick ‘n’ mix (one of my favourite things in life) and read some Sailor Moon. Perfect after a day at work!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post everyone.
Arigatou for reading


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