St Sushi – Japanese Cuisine in Newcastle

newcastleHi everyone!

Last week, my boyfriend and I went to Newcastle (again) for a day out, and got some delicious sushi (again) at one of our favourite Japanese Restaurants: St. Sushi. The purpose of the trip to Newcastle was to film Asian culture in Newcastle, including a big Asian supermarket haul that I’ll be posting about later.

The reason St. Sushi is one of my favourite restaurants is simply because the food is so good. The staff are really friendly, the service is extremely quick and the food has been consistently good every time I’ve been. The restaurant itself is bright and clean, with hanging prints of delicious sushi on the walls. It’s extremely good value for money too. Altogether my meal normally costs around £10 and I’m always completely stuffed!

newcastle2My starter was asparagus maki (£1.50). Their sushi is always so delicious! I was a bit greedy to get this too, as you already get 4 pieces of maki in a bento box.

newcastle6This is the bento box I got. Mine was the Ebi (prawns) Katsu bento box (£6.95). It comes with prawns in Katsu sauce, rice, Japanese style pickled veg, 4 pieces of maki and a bowl of miso soup. I wish all my meals were presented like this! It just looks so appealing and tasty.

newcastle collage2I normally get a Ramune (Japanese soda) with my meal, but instead I decided to get a bubble tea. For those of you who don’t know, bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that to me is like a cross between tea and milkshake. I don’t actually like tea, so I love the one from St. Sushi as you can’t really taste the tea in it. You drink it with a very wide straw because it comes with flavoured jellies or pobbles that burst in your mouth. It can be strange the first time you have it but it’s definitely worth trying.

newcastle collageI got a strawberry bubble tea with strawberry jellies (£2.00). You can’t really see in the picture but the jellies are actually star shaped. So cute!

I really recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Newcastle. There are actually two St.Sushi restaurants in Newcastle and I’ve only been to one, which is the one inside Eldon Square but there is another near Chinatown. It’s a lovely place to go when you’re busy shopping as you’re sure to get a quick, healthy, delicious meal for a great price.

Arigatou for reading



3 thoughts on “St Sushi – Japanese Cuisine in Newcastle

  1. So excited to hear it’s still open, as I loved it the first time we went. We’re off to Newcastle for a week next week, and we will definitely be returning. Did you notice if they happen to still be serving deep fried ice-cream? It was AMAZING! (Sort of confirming the stereotype of Scots liking everything deep fried though haha!)


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