Asian Supermarket Haul

Hi everyone!

I’ve done a few make-up haul posts before so I thought it’d be fun to put up a post about my recent haul at the Chinese and Korean supermarkets in Newcastle.
I buy all my stuff from Wing Hong and HiYoU. There’s so much to choose from and they’re really cheap! I normally buy a lot of Meiji chocolate because you can buy Japanese products too, which is great.

My boyfriend and I filmed our haul too, and the video is in the process of being made so that’ll be up soon!

food haulI bought Hello Panda biscuits (99p each), Korean grape sweets (89p), Ramune soda (£1.50 each), a box of strawberry mochi (around £2), some Korean onion ring crisps (around £1), Indo Mie shrimp noodles (27p each), strawberry and lychee sweets (59p each), cola and soda sweets (54p), apple sweet stick (54p), cookies and cream wafers (£1.50) and a packet of furikake (Japanese rice seasoning – £1.50ish).

I must look extremely unhealthy! I’d love to buy more things like fresh veg and frozen dumplings from these supermarkets but unfortunately because it takes at least 2 hours to get home with them it’s not possible. So instead I have to be a little piggy and buy lots of snacks.

food haul collage2If you haven’t tried these shrimp noodles then you really, really should! They’re my favourite instant noodles ever so I normally stock up whenever I can. I can’t stress enough how tasty they are!

food haul collageI really love the tin the wafers came in. I mainly bought them for the packaging to be honest as I’m planning on keeping the tin and storing things in it. It’s far too pretty to throw away. They come in other flavours too, which means different tins, which means I’ll have to buy them all.

Anyway, I’m off to scoff all my tasty treats!
Arigatou for reading

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