Oriental Gift Ideas

Hi everyone!
I love buying pretty Oriental decoration/ornaments/jewellery etc and I’m always on the lookout for new things. This post is to help all of you find things for yourself, your home or your friends and family! I tend to buy a lot of things from Ebay because there is a wide variety of Chinese and Japanese decorative items that are extremely cheap and look great.

Neko is the Japanese word for cat! There are a lot of great neko products available if you know where to look.

Neko Purse/Mirror

nekoThese mirrors and purses came from Toki Yoki in Newcastle but I found them on Ebay too for just £1.52 – not too shabby!
They’re super cute and make great gifts. I got a purse and a mirror as a gift from my friend for Christmas and I was over the moon. You can buy the purses here.

Maneki Neko

gifts6You’ve probably seen similar beckoning cats before in Chinese restaurants and I think they make wonderful decorative items. My best friend bought me the one on the left for Christmas. I’d spotted a similar one in a restaurant and fallen in love with it, I think it’s so cute! My boyfriend bought me the one on the right when we were in Newcastle as a surprise so I’m not exactly sure where either of them came from but you can buy similar ones from most Oriental gift sellers.

 Maneki Neko Ornaments

gifts5  I adore these maneki neko ornaments. I think they’re made of porcelain so they’re quite fragile (backed up by the fact the black and white ones unfortunately arrived smashed) but I love the fact each neko represents something different. For example, the pink neko is said to bring love and happiness into your home, while the green neko represents success in education. My boyfriend bought me them as a set but you can also buy them separately here.

Kokeshi Dolls

gifts4Kokeshi dolls are an extremely pretty way of adding life to your home. These Japanese dolls make very sweet decorations and there are so many different types to choose from. I ended up developing an obsession with buying these that I had to try and maintain but considering mine all ranged from around £3 to £9 they’re pretty reasonably priced. Mine all came from Amazon (except the small one) and I would say this is the easiest place to buy them from.

Chinese Comb

gifts2I love this item so much! I bought it a couple of days ago and I’m so happy with it. It’s such a beautiful wooden comb. It was available in 4 different styles so it took me a while to choose which one I wanted but there was something so elegant about this one that I eventually decided to go with it. It cost £4.50 and although I’ll most likely never use it to actually comb my hair, it’s taking pride of place as a decoration. You can buy it here

 Hair Chopsticks

giftsHair chopsticks look so elegant! I’d been after some for a while so when I found these on Amazon I was so happy. They are a little long so I’d like to look for some shorter ones but they’re still very pretty and the silk cover they come in is lovely. You can buy them here.

Phone Charms

gifts7I love having phone charms. I feel like it gives so much more character to my phone and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a recent Japanese film where a girl hasn’t had her phone absolutely chock-a-block with charms. I think they make great little gifts and for the price you can’t go wrong. These all came from Toki Yoki in Newcastle but I found the maneki neko phone charm here and similar kokeshi charms here

Chinese Health Balls


 Chinese health balls are brilliant for de-stressing. I don’t use them for their proper medical use but they help me relax after a horrible day at work. I normally light some incense, listen to some relaxing Chinese music and just roll these around in my hand. The distinctive sound and the repetitiveness of it is really soothing. They also make a lovely decorative item, particularly with the pretty Chinese box they came in. I couldn’t find they exact ones I bought, as I got them a while ago but you can buy similar ones here

Oriental Fans

gifts8I love Oriental fans. They’re stunningly beautiful, so delicate and look great as a wall decoration. There are so many different styles and patterns that there is something for everyone. I bought this lovely cherry blossom one from Amazon really cheaply. They’ve gone up in price since then unfortunately, but it’s definitely worth it. You can buy it here


gifts9My Chinese wall scrolls are probably my favourite decoration. Back when I was about 14 I had posters all over every bit of my room but I’d like to think I’ve grown up a little now and replaced them with scrolls. The two outer posters are of two of the four beauties of China; Diao Chan and Xi Shi, and I think they are absolutely stunning. I also can’t believe how cheaply I got them! They were only £4.50 each from Chinese-Gifts.co.uk. They have a big selection of scrolls and I’ve just bought an adorable panda one so I can’t wait for it to arrive!

I know this has been a verrrrrry long post but I hope I’ve inspired you with some home decoration or gift ideas.
Arigatou for reading

6 thoughts on “Oriental Gift Ideas

  1. I love the kokeshi dolls (definitely going to have to look for some on Amazon now)! I love going to the Daiso Japan near my apartment for cute house stuff. They have adorable things like this and since it’s basically the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store you can pretty much go crazy – definitely check one out if you get a chance!

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    • You’re so lucky to live near a Daiso! I’d love to go to one 🙂 I’ve been looking at some products they stock on Ebay but it’s just not the same as actually being there 😦 and everything is more expensive too!


      • It’s pretty neat! I’d recommend going to the one in Japantown if you get a chance. It’s the biggest I’ve been to so far and is in the same mall as The Face Shop and Kinokuniya Bookstore – other great stops!
        Yeah, I hated how expensive everything was over the internet while living in Ohio. It’s really unfair (╯︵╰,)


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