Review: The Legend of Zelda Eyeshadow

zelda eyeshadowYes you really did read that correctly. The Legend of Zelda eyeshadow. Eeeeek! These adorable eyeshadows came from Shiro Cosmetics. I came across their website by chance as I was reading another blog, but had no idea they even made Zelda inspired eyeshadows until I had a good browse.
I can’t believe how much I love this idea. Zelda + make-up are two of my favourite things ever, so it just makes sense to put them together, right?
I was so excited to order them, so I was really disappointed when it took nearly a month for them to even be shipped. It seems like a very long time to wait! But they finally arrived and I’m so happy with them.

I must admit, I do feel let down by the packaging. A cosplay artist named Amanda K did all the artwork for the eyeshadows herself and while the artwork itself is really good, the way it has been stuck onto the little eyeshadow jar is a bit hap-hazard and rushed. You can see on the picture that the edges of the pictures haven’t been trimmed properly, leaving annoying white edges. After this I was really hoping I wouldn’t be let down by the product itself, but I definitely wasn’t!

zelda eyeshadow5I did want to buy the entire Legends Collection, but I thought it would be wise to buy a few first and test out the quality before I committed to spending a lot of money on make-up. So after a long time carefully choosing, I decided to buy Farore’s Wind, Zora Sapphire and Skull Kid.

Here’s what they all look like:

farore collagezora collage skull kid collage I really love all of these colours! I was worried that Farore’s Wind and Zora Sapphire would be unwearable since they looked so bold but Farore’s Wind is very pretty and sheer so I don’t think it will be a problem. And Zora Sapphire is so beautiful I don’t even care if I end up looking like a drag queen. Skull Kid is definitely the most wearable out of the three, it’s such a lovely shade of brown and I love the subtle sparkles in it, it’s effortlessly girly.

The eyeshadows apply really nicely too, they’re very soft and pigmented so a little goes a LONG way. I barely used any product at all for these swatches and you can see how vibrant they are. I really am overjoyed with them!
And the best part is, they’re vegan friendly. Woohoo, no cruelty to animals!

You can buy different sizes from Shiro Cosmetics for different prices, so if you just want to try it out you can get a tester sachet for 60p, the medium size is £2 and the full size jar (you only get the artwork with the full size jar) is £3.50. So they’re a pretty good price!


  • Great pigmentation
  • Soft and easy to apply
  • Reasonably priced
  • Novelty of it being Zelda
  • Large variety of shades


  • Long waiting time
  • Disappointing packaging
  • No scent

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review!
Arigatou for reading

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