This Week’s Kawaii Buys

cute buysHi everyone!
As you probably know, I tend to buy a lot of cute things (completely accidentally). My boyfriend constantly laughs at me because you can pretty much just draw a cute face on the packaging of anything and I’ll buy it.
However, one of the other things I’m good at doing is spotting a bargain. I may buy a lot of stuff but more often than not, it’s really cheap. So this post is about some things I’ve bought over the past couple of weeks and where you can get them from too.

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake in Lavender and Grape

cute buys2

These first two items were too adorable to resist. I’ve already posted about a different shade of Sweet Eye Cupcake and I loved it so much I decided to get this one too. It was only £3.67 so it’s a complete bargain and I love the colours! I’d been debating getting one of these Bunny Gloss Bars for so long, but since it was just £3.11 I decided to get it anyway. I got mine in #4 Juicy Cherry and I’m so glad I did. It’s a gorgeous shade and is great for using during the day. And just look at the little face! It looks so hilariously cross.
You can buy the cupcake here and the Bunny Gloss Bar here

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails #Pk001

cute buys3I already have this nail polish in blue and coral and it quickly became my favourite nail product ever! They are quite difficult to get hold of now, but I managed to pick up this pink one for about £2.94. You can buy it here

Pretty Pony Necklace

cute buys5This is the only item I didn’t actually buy myself. My dad bought it for me from a shop in town but you can buy them online too. They are made by Apple Pie Jewelry and even though it’s ridiculously childish it was just too cute not to get! You can buy it here in a variety of colours.

Puccho Sweets

cute buys4I love these Japanese sweets! They are available in so many different flavours and whenever I buy anything from Blippo I always include a couple of packs of these. They cost about £1.80 each so they are actually quite expensive for sweets but they are completely worth it. I got mine in grapefruit and mandarin flavours and can’t wait to try them! You can buy them here

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post filled with lots of cute things.
Arigatou for reading

One thought on “This Week’s Kawaii Buys

  1. I love Tony Moly’s bunny glosses! AND OMFG THAT NECKLACE YOUR DAD GOT YOU!!!!!!!!!! :OOOOOO IT IS PERFECT!!! Your dad rules!


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