Tofu Cute Mini Haul

Hi everyone!

Today I am extremely excitable because my Tofu Cute order arrived yesterday. The best part? I only ordered it on Friday Afternoon! Super quick or what? This is just one of the many reasons I love ordering from this website. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the shop describes itself as ‘the UK Kawaii Shop – cute culture and tasty treats from Japan with Worldwide Delivery’ and it certainly does what it says on the tin.

I was over the moon to find a shop like this that is UK based as I normally have to wait at least 3 weeks for my orders to arrive from overseas. So to choose my adorable items and have them in my lap a day later is just wonderful. It’s extremely reasonably priced too, as you’ll see when I put up how much everything cost me and express delivery was only £2.99, which is incredible for such speed. I’ve bought from them a couple of times before but it was mainly just snacks so I decided to pick up a couple of other things this time.

tofu cute2I looove Puccho sweets! They have a great variety of flavours and taste delicious so I bought a flavour I hadn’t tried yet – Mikan Orange, which is satsuma flavour. I also came across this Puccho zip bag which I thought would make an adorable make-up bag. It comes in two varieties but I went with Grape Stripe. You can also get it in Red Apple. Since I was feeling very Pucchoey that day, when I came across this Puccho Melon key cover I had to have it. Now even my keys will be cute! You can click on the links below if you’d like to buy any of them ^.^

tofu cute collagePuccho Multi-Purpose Zipped Case – £3.99
Puccho Sweets – £1.50
Puccho Melon Rubber Key Cover – £2.99

This is the first thing I spotted on the website and added to my virtual basket. The Endless Edamame Bean is both a keyring and a stress toy, brilliant ey? Each pod contains three beans, and the middle one has a surprise face on it! I was completely sold by how adorable they were. Even though I like the element of surprise, I think I would prefer being able to choose which bean I’d like. With Series 1 (there is also a Series 2 with different faces) you can get Panda-Chan, Hearty, Ninja-Kun, Dreamy, Smoochy or Wasabi. I really wanted Panda-Chan but I got Hearty, but Hearty is still super cute!

Each bean has its own personality you can find out about on the website. My bean is described as ‘a much loved member of the Edamame bean community. She is said to bring good fortune to her owner when they pop her from her pod. She hopes to find true love with a boy bean one day.’ This was just so sweet it made me want to cry.
This is hands down the best £2.99 I have ever spent.

Endless Edamame Popping Soybean Pod – £2.99

I always have to buy a couple of snacks so I decided to go bananas (chortle) and buy some choco banana Pocky sticks and a choco banana DIY sweet kit. I wanted to take a photo of the Pockys but unfortunately, they had a bit of a rough journey and didn’t quite make it intact. They smell and taste lovely though. Luckily the DIY kit arrived okay so I made sure to take pictures of that!

The kit comes with little squidy, foamy, banana flavoured candy, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a little cocktail stick. Super easy, I don’t really need to tell you how to ‘make’ the sweets. All you have to do it pour the chocolate sauce and sprinkles into the separate parts of the container and dip the candy!

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about them tasting nice so I was completely surprised to find they were absolutely delicious. Six sweets doesn’t really seem like a lot at first but they’re quite long lasting so it’s more than enough. And it was a lot of fun eating them, which is always worth it. And they actually look really pretty, in a strange way.

Glico Pocky Biscuit Sticks – from 99p
Horadekita DIY Candy Kit – £2.50

Lastly is this little leaflet that comes with your Tofu Cute order. On one side it advertises the store but on the other you get adorable little card characters you can cut out and keep. It’s sweet things like this that make me really enjoy ordering from a shop, as it just seems really th0ughtful and cute.

I really enjoy ordering from Tofu Cute. They stock a variety of kawaii things including charms, candy, stationary and purses and there’s always something new to find. The prices are extremely reasonable, delivery is very quick and even your order confirmation form is adorable. What more could you want?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!
Arigatou for reading

P.S I may have accidentally ordered more things from Tofu Cute, so stay tuned to see what I got!

tofu cute stands

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