Canmake Make-up Haul

canmake haulHi everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, I’ve been working and volunteering an awful lot over the past couple of weeks and haven’t found much time to write anything on here.
So today I’m back with a haul post.

As you probably know, I love Japan. I also love make-up. But I don’t have much Japanese make-up as I tend to buy the majority of mine from South Korean brands since they are so affordable and lovely to use. I’ve read a lot of great reviews about certain Japanese make-up brands but because some of them can be quite high in price I hadn’t taken the plunge.
However, over the last month I decided to treat myself to some make-up from the Japanese brand Canmake.
As far as Japanese make-up goes, they are quite reasonably priced, and from what I’d seen their products are worth the money.

canmake2These are the two eyeshadows I bought. The one on the left is Eye Nuance in #32 Chocolat Apple and the reason I chose this one is because it’s so different to the other eyeshadows I have and I thought the red would be great for creating a Geisha/Maiko inspired look. The one on the right is Gradation Wink in #3 Strawberry Tart. This was the first Canmake product I bought and I was playing it a bit safe with colours I know I would like and wear as I normally opt for pinks and browns. Both eyeshadows are really pigmented, long-lasting and the texture is lovely. It’s so soft and applies extremely easily.

I bought the Gradation Wink eyeshadow for £7.50 from here
and the Eye Nuance eyeshadow for £6.67 from here
canmake4I liked my gradation eyeshadow so much I decided to try it with a blusher. This product is called Cheek Gradation and I got mine in #6 Candy Stripe. I loved the name as much as the colours! The little brush it comes with is super soft and the colours are so easily blendable. I love being able to wear a really subtle blush using the white and light pink shades, or going more bold mixing the dark pink and orange.

I paid £9.50 for mine (which is a lot more than I would usually pay but I just really wanted it) from here

canmake collage editOh this lipstick is just beautiful! This is the Creamy Touch Rouge in #3 Sweet Cherry but I was torn between this and #1 Marshmallow Pink for ages. The packaging is really elegant and just like the name suggests, it’s a lovely creamy lipstick that’s very true to colour. I’m really tempted to buy #1 as well now.

I bought this lipstick for £7.31 from here
(the price has gone up since)

canmake collage2Lastly I got this Stay-on Balm Rouge in #3 Tiny Sweetpea, which is another red shade. This one is a bit darker than I was expecting and is more sheer since it is a balm, but is a really nice product. I’m looking forward to going somewhere dressy enough to wear these lipsticks as I never wear red lipstick during the day.

I bought the Stay-on Balm Rouge for £7.98 from here

I’ll be reviewing some of these products in time, so there will be more detailed information and swatches when I do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!
Arigatou for reading

4 thoughts on “Canmake Make-up Haul

  1. I love Canmake! When I was in japan I could only really afford their nail polish as it’s not that expensive in comparison to other brands- I like to have a variety of colours to choose from and Canmake have an extensive range! I’m not too familiar with their other products so I’m looking forward to your reviews 🙂

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  2. You legitimately have the best haul posts ever hahaha.

    I haven’t ever heard of this brand (I am very new to Japanese brands), but oh my gosh, everything you got looks stunning. That lipstick :O


    • Haha thank you!
      Whenever I look at what I’ve bought I always think ‘oh dear, I didn’t realise how much money I’d spent’.

      I really recommend that lipstick! It’s so lovely 🙂


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