Review: Miss Hana Natural-Born Lip Balm Crayon

Miss Hana featureHi everyone!

I haven’t posted a make-up review in a while and I recently received this wonderful lip crayon in the post so I thought I’d get back into make-up reviewing with this little beauty.
Whenever I buy clothes from Yesstyle, I always treat myself to a make-up product that I can’t get elsewhere.  As far as I know, Miss Hana is a Taiwanese brand so it’s quite difficult to get hold of in the UK. I’m a sucker for lip products, and when I saw the name (and the packaging) I decided to get this lip crayon. It’s not normally a colour I would go for, but since getting the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in lilac and loving it, I’ve been a bit more open to trying different lip colours. It’s available in 5 colours, so if this isn’t the colour for you, chances are one of the other shades will be more suitable.

Miss Hana2First things first, I love this packaging! It’s quite sweet and simple, and I love the traveling theme they’ve used. If you’re buying it as a present there is even a place on the front to leave a message for the person. So cute!

Miss Hana3Here is what the lip crayon promises, along with the ingredients.

Miss Hana4Miss Hana collageThe actual crayon itself is very pretty and girly, and keeps the travelling theme going with the postal marks. It’s really similar to an actual crayon so the inner child in me just loves using it, and I feel like drawing on everything with it. The only annoying thing is that the product sometimes smudges on the woodeny bit above, and you can’t wipe it off so the crayon starts to look a bit messy. But it’s not exactly a big issue. It’s also unscented. This could be a pro or a con for some people as I quite like having scented make-up products.

Miss Hana collage2Here is a swatch of the colour. For some reason it looks more of a dark pink on here, but it is actually more of a bright, lilacy pink. It’s very fresh and pretty and great for everyday make-up. Despite being called a lip-balm, it’s actually extremely pigmented. It’s actually better than a lot of my lipsticks! It’s so creamy too, so it glides on really easily and it’s very moisturising. This is a really wonderful product for me, because light colours don’t normally show up well on my lips, and when they do, they draw attention to all the dry parts. This lip-balm crayon shows up amazingly well and doesn’t dry my lips out at all!

sakura lipsticksakura lips 2Here’s what it looks like on my lips. This is a lot more true to colour. I really love this product! It’s more girly than the products I normally go for, but I think the colour is beautiful. You can see how moisturising it is on the photos, and it’s so easy to apply. The lasting power seems pretty good too!

I bought mine for £8.63 from here, so the price is reasonable but not as cheap as the Korean products I normally buy. I think it is definitely worth it though.

To recap:

  • Pigmented
  • Moisturising
  • Lovely colour
  • Sort of expensive
  • Unscented
  • Good lasting power
  • Creamy

I hope this review has been useful!
Arigatou for reading

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