My Journey to Become an English Teacher in Japan #2: Applying

shin-mimura-japan-sakura-cherry-blossom-highway-city-at-nightHello and good evening. Or to those of you who are reading in a different time zone to me, good morning/good afternoon!

This week was my first back at University, and it’s been so hectic I’ve barely had time to get near a computer. This year is my last and I have really mixed feelings about it. Part of me is really excited to finally get my Degree after all my hard work, but part of me is absolutely terrified about having to become a proper grown-up and find a career.

The one thing I’m really looking forward to this year is my final project. Most people on my course create a film as their final project but I’ve decided to make another Japanese audio-book, which I’m currently writing the script for. I’m taking inspiration from the styles of traditional Japanese stories for the format and I can’t wait to be able to hear the finished product. The story itself is about a young bamboo cutter who finds a beautiful girl in the forest…and that’s all I’m giving you! So you’ll have to wait and listen.

The best part about finishing University means that I can now start applying for full-time jobs. This month is absolutely terrifying for me because it’s the month the JET Programme application forms become available and I can finally start applying to teach English in Japan! It suddenly seems so real, and I’m scared. I’m scared in case I don’t get accepted. I’m scared in case I do get accepted and I have to leave people behind. I’m scared in case my boyfriend gets accepted and I don’t. I’m scared in case I get there and my teaching ability isn’t good enough. But I’m not going to let it stop me. I feel really determined and I’ll make sure my application is as strong as possible and worry about the other things if and when they happen.

My dream feels so close and I’m going to grab it with both hands. I’ll get to Japan if it’s the last thing I do.

Arigatou for reading

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