Blippo Haul: Japan & Kawaii Shop

Blippo featuredHello everyone!

Last week my Blippo order arrived so I thought I’d show you all the cute things that I bought. I absolutely love this website because there is so much variety and everything is incredibly cheap! I normally buy a lot of things I don’t actually need, but it’s all adorable so it’d be silly not to, right?

Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kits

BlippoI’ve been obsessed with Japanese DIY sweet kits recently. I’ve been trying to eat fewer sweets and I’ve found this actually really helps stop cravings. You don’t get a huge amount of sweets with them, but you do feel satisfied and they taste really good! I’ve already posted about the Coris Horadekita Chocolate Banana DIY Candy Kit before, but the website I bought from previously was out of stock of the Candy Apple version. Luckily Blippo had them so I decided to try these too! You make your own little toffee apples and they are just so adorable. Considering how expensive Japanese DIY candy kits can be, I was pleased to get mine from Blippo for just £2.36 each.


Blippo collageI tend to buy a lot of notebook for no reason, other than that I really like them. I really enjoy writing, and even though most of my Uni work is digital, I do like to have a notebook handy. This lovely Kokeshi notebook is hardback, with good paper, pretty patterns and sweet pictures throughout. I think it’s worth a lot more than the £3.99 I paid for it. 

Milk Bottle Erasers

Blippo4I didn’t really need these erasers either, but I do love milk so I figured it was a sign. They are really adorable and good quality, and I love the little card packaging around the erasers. They were only £1.38 too.

Maneki Neko Card Sticker

Blippo5I’m a big fan of customising things so when I came across this maneki neko card sticker for only 57p I had to have it. It’s a great way to make your bank cards/memberships etc more individual, and there are plenty more designs to choose from.


Blippo12I’m not actually entirely sure why I bought these shoe-laces. Probably because they were only 73p and I thought they’d make my shoes look really cute. I haven’t found a pair of shoes to wear them with yet, but again it’s a a really great, simple way to personalise your accessories.

Plush Banana Charm

And now for my favourite item. How cute is this plush banana phone charm? It’s so fuzzy, I just love it. It’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen and I was more than happy to pay only £2.03 for it!

Blippo6With every purchase you make, you also get this Blippo keyring, which is a nice touch. I have quite a few of these now! I did also buy a pen but unfortunately it was broken, so I’m currently waiting on a replacement.

I thought that I would show you what the Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Apple kit looked like too. It was a lot of fun to use, and a lot of fun to eat.

Blippo collage2The packaging is really bright and cheery. I really love Japanese packaging, as I think it makes their food look really appetising. I always find British packaging a bit on the dull side.

Blippo9This is what you get with the kit: a plastic container, 7 apple sweets, sauce, sprinkles and a cocktail stick. There is no making involved, just pour the sachets into the individual sections of the container.

Blippo10Now take the cocktail stick, dip the apple sweet in the syrup and then in the sprinkles. The syrup is quite thick and it can be a bit messy but I really enjoyed these little sweets.

Blippo11Voila! They look so adorable, and they tasted delicious. They had a really tangy apple flavour, and I think they are my favourite Japanese sweets so far. I’d definitely buy these again.

If you find you don’t have the time to look through Blippo’s pages, they have a subscription service called ‘Kawaii Box’. You get 10-12 hand-picked items every month and it only costs £12 ($18.90). Personally, I like to pick my own items, but if you’re interested in trying something new and taking a chance then I think it’s a great idea.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
Arigatou for reading


2 thoughts on “Blippo Haul: Japan & Kawaii Shop

  1. Great haul! I love buying notebooks for no reason too. You got me hooked on Blippo, and I also recently placed an other order (my third now!) as they had a sale. I’m never brave enough to buy anything edible in case it has a funky flavour! I got loads of cute things, but I ordered like 6 reels of washi tape, and they don’t work! The stickiness has gone, and like stuck to the other side so the pattern’s all double printed looking. I’m going to send them an email and see what they say…. That’s been my first ever problem with anything I’ve ordered. Booo!


    • I’m far too greedy so I tend to order a lot of food just to try things 🙂 It’s such a shame about the washi tape 😦 It sucks that all of them don’t work! I’m glad you haven’t had any problems with them apart from that though 🙂
      This whole broken pen fiasco is the first problem I’ve had with them, but they’ve sent me out a replacement so at least it’s sorted 🙂

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