Japanese Candy

Snacks featureGood evening everyone!

I’ve been feeling really stressed this week, starting University work and preparing for the JET Programme. My favourite way to de-stress is to run a nice hot bubble bath, and then settle down with my DS and eat some tasty snacks. This week I bought some delicious treats from Tofu Cute. I didn’t go too overboard for once, but I decided to try some new things.

Kabaya Petit Pudding Mini Chocolates

Snacks3 Snacks2I’d been wanting to try these Kabaya Petit Pudding Mini Chocolates for ages but for some reason had just never bought them, so I picked them up this time. I love that they look like tiny puddings, they’re so cute. They’re caramel and chocolate flavour and are extremely tasty.

Glico Pretz Pretzel Sticks – Tomato Flavour

Snacks4 Snacks5I always buy Pocky sticks but I’d never tried Pretz before. I thought that should change! I love tomato flavoured snacks and these ones are delicious, so I’m glad I bought them.

Saku Saku Panda Strawberry Biscuits

Snacks6 Snacks7 Snacks8These Saku Saku anda Strawberry biscuits are my favourite biscuits ever. They’re made with white chocolate and strawberry so they’re very creamy and tasty. I love their little faces too.

Glico Pocky Sticks – Cookies and Cream

Snacks9 Snacks10And here’s the obligatory Pocky purchase. I couldn’t resist buying these cookies and cream flavoured ones. They’re quite different with the chocolate flavoured stick and the coating is really tasty.

Meiji Create-a-Gummy – Sushi Bar

Snacks11 Snacks12 Snacks13This is my favourite buy out of the lot! They are little gummy sweets that you put together to make teeny sushi! They’re so adorable. They are banana, lemon and peach flavour and when you combine them they make delicious new flavours. After trying the Fujiya Anpanman grape gummies I wasn’t expecting much from these gummies but they are so tasty. I’m already tempted to buy some more!

There is so much variety in Japanese sweets, and Tofu Cute is a brilliant place to buy them from. They are reasonably priced, and the delivery is so quick, so treat yourself!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
Arigatou for reading

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