An Evening of Japanese Folk Song

SOAS Min'yo 7Yesterday I surprised my boyfriend by taking him to an evening of traditional Japanese folk music at the Oriental Museum in Durham. I had no idea there even was such a museum until, of all people, my postman told me about it. After looking into it, I saw they were holding a two week celebration of Japanese culture. I would have loved to have gone to every event they were holding but unfortunately, I had to pick just one. I adore traditional Japanese music and since I thought I might not get a chance to see something like this again I reserved the tickets straight away.

The group performing were the SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) Min’yo (folk song) Group. They were all so talented, and the music was beautiful to listen to. There were only around 50/60 people there so it was really cosy, and it was an informal and fun performance. During one particular song, the audience was asked to moo at random times to imitate the sound of oxen, which was extremely funny. During the interval, drinks were served and I was able to finally try sake. I’m not really a fan of alcohol but it was nice to try it all the same.

SOAS Min'yo 6 SOAS Min'yo 5 SOAS Min'yo 4 SOAS Min'yo 3I also recorded a couple of the songs, so you get to hear how good they were! If you find an opportunity to see them perform, I really recommend that you do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
Arigatou for reading

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