Kracie Popin’ Cookin DIY Candy Kit: Cake Shop Ice Cream Cones

cake featuredAnd so the Japanese DIY Candy kit saga continues…

This one was super quick to make, and the little cakes are really cute. I found them so difficult to decorate though, partly because I found the piping bag really awkward, and partly because I’m extremely clumsy.

cake2 The packaging is typical Kracie – cute, bright and fun! It looks very appealing.

cake3cake4This is what you get with the kit: strawberry mix, vanilla mix, sprinkles, a spatula and assorted wafers.

cake5All you have to do is mix the sachets in the separate sections with one cup of water (the cup is the little part you snap diagonally off the side) and stir them. Then you spoon the mixtures into both sides of the piping bag and use to pipe onto the wafers. Once you’ve done this, sprinkle on your decorations and you’re finished!

cake6 cake8 cake9 cake10

I wasn’t too keen on the flavour of these ones and don’t think I’d buy them again but they were still enjoyable to make. The next one I’ll be making is the hamburger and fries kit which should be a lot of fun!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post,
Arigatou for reading

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