A Japanese Feast

St Sushi featureGood evening everyone,

I’ve decided not to include too much text in today’s post, and instead I’ll let you gaze upon the delicious Japanese feast I shared with my boyfriend this week at St. Sushi.
I ordered ebi katsu curry with rice, pickles, four pieces of maki, and miso soup. I wanted to try something different too, and ordered the sliced apple and tobiko salad before ending the meal with fried ice-cream and a strawberry Ramune.
Michael ordered eel donburi with rice, eel nigiri, smoked salmon temaki, fried prawn maki and vanilla bubble tea.
It was all delicious, light and fresh!

St Sushi St Sushi 7 St Sushi 10 St Sushi 8 St Sushi 3 St Sushi 2 St Sushi 6 St Sushi 4 St Sushi 9 St Sushi 11 St Sushi 14I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!
Arigatou for reading

6 thoughts on “A Japanese Feast

    • I had a lovely time thank you! The food there is always consistently great 🙂 I’m lucky to live reasonably close by because we go to Newcastle pretty regularly and it means we can go to St. Sushi often too.


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