Review: Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge

Canmake Rouge FeaturedGood afternoon everyone,
I had promised to review some Canmake products and so I thought I’d begin with my favourite product so far – Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge. I ordered mine in #3 Sweet Cherry but I really want to get #1 Marshmallow Pink and #2 Misty Orange too after buying this one.

Canmake Rouge 2Canmake Rouge 3The outer packaging is fun and matches the colour of your lipstick, which I find really handy if you have more than one. It’s quite simple, but sweet, and I love the stripes because it reminds me of a sweet shop.

Canmake Rouge 4The actual lipstick holder is really elegant and sturdy. The gold makes it look really classy and expensive, but I only paid £7.31 for mine which is a pretty decent price.

Canmake Rouge 5And here’s what the lipstick itself looks like. It’s extremely vibrant, with a lovely creamy texture that’s incredibly moisturising. It glides on so effortlessly and the colour is such a beautiful, classic red. It’s fairly long lasting too, but does rub off quite easily when you eat and drink. It doesn’t accentuate my dry lips either, which is brilliant, so I think it’s well worth the money. It’s not scented, which could be a good thing or a bad thing for some people. I prefer to have nice smelling products, but that’s just my own fussy ways.

Canmake Rouge 6If you are looking to try a new lipstick, I really recommend this product. It’s a beautiful colour, reasonably priced and there’s no need for lip balm. I seem to be falling in love with Canmake! The only problem is that Canmake products can be difficult to get hold of, especially if you live in the UK like me. I was surprised to read that Canmake is referred to as a ‘drugstore brand’, when most of their products on Ebay are twice the price of most Korean brands. I do think they are worth the higher price, but when I get to Japan I plan on going crazy and buying lots of their products!

I hope you’ve found this review helpful.
Arigatou for reading

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