My Journey to Become an English Teacher in Japan #3: Worries

shin-mimura-japan-sakura-cherry-blossom-highway-city-at-nightSince the start of October I have been checking the JET Programme website every day, but unfortunately the application forms still aren’t available. I’m now starting to panic slightly as the deadline to hand them in is the 28th November, and I’ll need to allow for postage time. Although the forms are meant to be released in October, it is nearly November now and I’m so worried that there will not be enough time to complete them.

I’ve already began preparing by writing a draft of my personal statement, which still needs a bit of work. I’ve also sorted out two referees and spoken to my GP about a medical assessment, so we’re all just waiting for the green light from the JET Programme. This is the part that’s worrying me the most; having time for my referees to write what’s needed and booking the medical appointment. However, I can’t actually do either of these things until the application forms are released so I really hope they are made available soon!

I’m also terrified that I won’t even get an interview, as the process is so competitive. There are probably hundreds of people with TEFL qualifications, but I’d find it so hard to fit in as well as University and work. I’m hoping that my volunteering as a reading helper will at least go in my favour, and show that I am dedicated.

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