My Journey to Become an English Teacher in Japan #4

shin-mimura-japan-sakura-cherry-blossom-highway-city-at-nightGood evening everyone!

I apologise for the lack of posts but this week I have been working on my JET Programme application! The forms were finally released on the 27th October and I’ve spent a long time filling in the application form, securing references, booking my medical assessment and hunting down lecturers to sign various things for me.

So far I’ve managed to write a draft of my personal statement, fill in and submit the online application, book a medical, photocopy a whole bunch of stuff and get one of my references so I’m well on my way to getting it finished on time! As well as submitting online, my full application pack needs to be sent in the post and arrive at the JET Desk by 28th November so I’m aiming to get it all sent off a couple of weeks early to allow for any problems.

I was so nervous submitting the form as it comes up with a warning telling you you cannot edit your application once it has been submitted. I ended up re-reading it about 10 times just to make sure there were no obvious grammar or spelling mistakes, and I am pretty happy with what I sent. Although I can’t speak Japanese fluently and I don’t have a TEFL certificate, I think I’ve been able to put across how hard-working and determined I am, as well as proving I have an deep interest in Japanese culture. I’m also hoping that teaching as a reading helper at a school will go in my favour!

I feel really stressed at the minute, trying to make sure everything is organised, but once it is done I only have to worry about the interview (if I get one). I say ‘only’, this is probably the most terrifying thing I will ever do. However, I’m determined that if I am lucky enough to be selected for an interview, I’m going to do my very best to convince them I am the right person for the job.

Hopefully my application will be strong enough, and I hope beyond hope that I am chosen to work in Japan.

Arigatou for reading everyone

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