Delivered by Kiki…

Hello everyone,
First I should apologise for how long it’s been since I’ve posted. But the reason is this…
My JET Programme application is officially finished and sent in the post! Phew, stress over. Sort of. Next year I’ll find out if I have an interview, and then by about April I’ll find out whether or not I’ve been offered a place. But time to put it out of my mind, and concentrate on other things.
Since I’ve been so stressed I decided I absolutely needed a couple of treats, and because I love Studio Ghibli so much I couldn’t resist buying a few little items.
I always like to think that whenever I receive Studio Ghibli items in the post, they’ve been delivered by Kiki herself. It makes the whole experience that little bit better.

Studio GhibliWhenever I find Studio Ghibli collectables, they do tend to be pretty centred on Totoro. I absolutely love No Face (or Ka0nashi) so I was really pleased to find this adorable necklace. I really love the packaging too, I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.

Studio Ghibli 3 Studio Ghibli 2I love that he has gold in his hands too. I’ve been wearing this necklace so much lately.

Studio Ghibli 5In keeping with the No Face theme, I also found this pen. I’m not entirely sure why it says ‘HI!’ on it, but I still love it anyway and it’s a nice collector’s item to have.

Studio Ghibli 6Totoro tights! I buy a whole lot of hosiery, as I never ever wear jeans. I spotted these on one website for £7 and thought it was a bit steep, but then found them for only £1.99 on Ebay. Gotta love Ebay.

Studio Ghibli 7My favourite part is the chibi totoro on the ankle, it’s so sweet.

Studio Ghibli 8Studio Ghibli 9I spotted this while I was in Newcastle and had to buy it. It’s the book that the film ‘The Cat Returns’ was based on and since I loved the film so much, I’m really looking forward to settling down and reading this.

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at the items I bought. It’s wonderful that there are so many different kinds of things relating to Studio Ghibli that you can buy. I’m the type of person who loves to buy little things so this little haul made me very happy.

Arigatou for reading

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