Holika Holika Heartful Lipstick Review + Swatches

Heartful LipstickHello everyone!
I haven’t done a make-up review for a while so I thought I would start again with one of my favourite lipstick ranges: the Holika Holika Heartful lipsticks. I use these lipsticks really frequently so I think I’ll be able to give an accurate view on their quality.

I’ll be reviewing all three of the lipsticks I own in this range. There are three different kinds; Glossy, Silky and Moisture and I own one of each. As you can guess, the Glossy is a sheer, moisturising lipstick, the Moisture is a more opaque, moisturising lipstick and Silky is more matte. The colours I have are PK123 (Glossy), RD807 (Moisture) and SCR301 (Silky).

Heartful Lipstick 2 Heartful Lipstick 3Firstly I think the outer packaging is very attractive. There are different boxes for each type (I lost the package for the Silky type). They are bright, bold and pretty, and I love the little hearts on top of the boxes.

Heartful Lipstick 7 Heartful Lipstick 6 Heartful Lipstick 5The lipstick bullets themselves are equally nice to look at, and match their outer packaging. Since their names are printed on the side it makes it easier to keep track of which one is which. My personal favourite is the pretty pink packaging for the Moisture lipstick, the pattern on the side looks so wintery. As you can probably guess, the reason I first bought one of these lipsticks is because the lipstick itself is in the shape of a heart! At first I was worried it would be difficult to use but I found that it’s actually really easy to apply, especially on your cupid’s bow. The lipsticks themselves are quite small and only contain between 3.5 and 4g of product but I’ve been using the red and pink ones really regularly and there is still a lot left.

Heartful Lipstick 4 Heartful Lipstick 8Here is a close-up of the lipsticks and some swatches I took of each colour. As you can see, Candy Red and Candy Store are both very vibrant, whereas Pink Bon Bon is much more sheer. You can also see that Candy Store is quite dry, which is not good for my lips. None of them are scented, which may be a plus or a minus for some of you.

This is what the lipsticks look like when they have been applied on my lips.

Heartful Lipstick Red Candy Red is definitely my favourite out of this range. It’s a beautiful, bold colour that moisturises my lips really well. I wear this one most often and the lasting power is really good. If you are eating or drinking you will need to top it up a little but other than that I think this lipstick is great.

Heartful Lipstick OrangeI really hate Candy Store on my lips. If you are a fan of matte lipstick then this may be for you, but it really disagrees with me. I am already extremely prone to dry lips and have to exfoliate them every day. I exfoliated thoroughly before applying this lipstick and it still looks horribly dry and patchy. The colour is really pretty but it just does nothing for me.

Heartful Lipstick PinkI do really like their Glossy range and Pink Bon Bon is such a pretty colour. It’s glossy enough to make my lips look really shiny and healthy, but not so much that it’s sticky. However, since this lipstick is more sheer, you may find that you need to apply it more often as the wear time is not great. It will stay on provided you don’t eat or drink anything but if you do it will more than likely be completely off by the time you’ve finished.

I would completely recommend the Moisture and Glossy Lipsticks as they are such good value for money. In the Glossy range there are seven shades, in the Moisture range there are six shades and in the Silky range there are eight shades to choose from so there is something to suit everyone. I don’t know if all the Silky ones are that drying or whether it is because I chose a light shade but I wouldn’t buy any more in this type.

If you are a member of Beauty Net Korea there is an ongoing offer to choose two of these lipsticks for just £8, which is great value. Or you can buy them separately for £4.50, so they are really reasonably priced.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and found it useful.
Arigatou for reading

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