Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Sticks

Candy StickSince it’s almost Christmas, the time of candy canes and joy, what better time to review these adorable little candy cane lip tints? According to Etude House, these lovely things are lip glosses, but after using them I wouldn’t describe them as glossy at all. I’ve been using these for months but because they’ve been around for a long time I wasn’t sure if they needed reviewing. However, they’re fun and I like them a lot so I decided I would post about them anyway!

They are so cheap, you can pick them up for less than £3 on Ebay and I personally think this is a complete bargain.

Candy Stick 2 Candy Stick 4 Candy Stick 5 Candy Stick 6I won’t lie to you, I bought this purely because they are so, so cute. I love candy canes, and I love lip products, so Etude House definitely made a good decision here. There are three in total, Strawberry, Orange and Lemon but I currently only own two. I bought #1 Strawberry Candy first and it smells exactly like Haribo Giant Strawbs. I cannot actually describe how delicious it smells, I was so tempted to just eat it instead. I found that this lip tint was extremely moisturising, applied really well and the flush of colour was enough to make my lips look healthy and pretty without being too bold. It’s a great every-day colour and I found myself taking it with me everywhere (mainly to shout ‘look how cute this candy cane is!’ at my friends). I then bought #2 Orange Candy and found it to work just as well, with the added bonus of smelling like delicious orange sweets.

Candy Stick 3 Candy Stick 7As you can see by the swatches, Strawberry Candy is a little more sheer than Orange Candy, but they’re both lovely if somewhat similar colours. They apply really smoothly and the colour is buildable too.

Candy Stick Pink This is how Strawberry Candy looks on my lips. It’s a nice pink with a slight gloss to it. It’s sort of a ‘my lips but better’ colour, as my lips are quite pigmented anyway.

Candy Stick OrangeThis is how Orange Candy looks on my lips. As you can see, there is not much difference in the colour once it has been applied. Orange Candy is a warmer tone and is slightly more peachy, but this doesn’t show up well in the pictures.

The wear time is pretty much what you would expect from a product that costs around £3. It will stay on fairly well if you do not eat and drink but if you do, you will need to top it up. However since they are so compact (around 2g) they are really handy to carry around with you.

I’m going to class this as a lip tint-balm as I find it fits this better than gloss. It’s not the best lip tint-balm I’ve ever used but I still really like this product. It’s cheap, smells gorgeous, provides a pretty flush of colour and has adorable packaging. You can’t go wrong for £3 really.

Arigatou for reading

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