Eyes > Belly

Ahh, that age old problem; to buy or not to buy. When I’m looking at a menu, I find myself thinking ‘that sounds nice, I’ll order that. Oh and that. Ooh that sounds nice too.’ and before long I may as well just ask for one of everything. Generally I try and narrow things down and only order a couple of things but today I was feeling especially greedy. I went to St Sushi (for a change), because they have opened up a new restaurant and since I’m a ridiculously loyal customer I needed to check it out. I visit St Sushi fairly regularly (almost every time I’m in Newcastle) and so I decided to order some things I haven’t tried before. I forgot to photograph my boyfriend’s food, so this is just what I ordered.

MakiYou cannot go wrong with cucumber maki. There were actually four pieces but I scoffed two of them before I remembered to take a picture.

Temaki 2This was Michael’s smoked salmon temaki, these are really delicious. I was tempted to get one but managed to restrain myself.

RamenThis was my first bowl of proper Japanese ramen! I’ve made the instant ones myself, but this was the first I’ve tried in a restaurant. This was an absolutely huge bowl of ramen, and came with beef, chillies and mixed vegetables. It was so warming and delicious, I’d definitely get it again.

EdamameWe also decided to try some spicy edamame beans. I’m not really a big fan of beans anyway but I quite enjoyed these. I don’t think I could eat a lot of them though.

TempuraAs I mentioned, I was feeling particularly greedy today, and so I also ordered a dessert. This is the apple tempura (thinly battered apple) served with ice cream. The ice cream had a peachy syrup on top too which was really yummy. I really enjoyed this but it was a bit of a faff to eat as the apple skins were too tough to break with a spoon and it was hard to cut off a piece.

I think after all that it’s probably time to go to the gym again…

Arigatou for reading

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