Versatile Blogger Award


Hi everyone! Beth over at 9th Companion has been kind enough to nominate me for a Versatile Blogger Award! So first things first, thank you Beth! I really appreciate it. Anyone who hasn’t seen her blog should definitely check it out, she posts about all sorts of things so there is something for everyone.

Here are the rules of the award:

  1. Show the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4.  Nominate 15 blogs.
  5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Here are my seven facts:

1. I spend about half of my time playing The Legend of Zelda games, and the other half looking for merchandise.

2. I watch How it’s Made far too often.

3. I love cherry cable sweets, to the point where the girl who runs the sweet shop knows who I am and what I will be buying.

4. I want to live and work in Japan.

5. About 80% of my make-up collection is Korean.

6. Both eggs and jelly make me laugh uncontrollably.

7. I pretty much can’t watch any film without crying. I cry every time at Finding Nemo.

So those are my facts! They may not be super interesting but it’s what makes me me anyway.

And here are the 15 people I would like to nominate for the award. Please check out these blogs because they really are worth your time.

So that’s my Versatile Blogger Award!

Arigatou for reading


3 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hey, thank you so much for nominating me ❤ I'm sorry I completely missed it. Some things came up, and I wasn't able to check my blog or update. 😦 Anyways, even though I'm extremely late, thank you~ ^^


  2. Wah, oh wow, thank you for nominating me. My eyes are just bulging out ’cause I can’t believe it. 😀

    The other nominees have such interesting names that I’m going to check them out.


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