Review: Cezanne Lasting Lip Color N #206

Cezanne featuredHi everyone!
In an earlier post I promised I would review some of the Japanese make-up products I bought recently, once I’d tried them out enough. I’ve been using this lipstick fairly regularly so I think I’ll be able to give an accurate review. Today I’m reviewing Cezanne Lasting Lip Color N in shade #206. I bought mine from Ichibankao for £6.30.

Cezanne 6 Cezanne 7Cezanne 8Cezanne 9First things first, the packaging. I’m always drawn to pretty packaging as I think it’s much more appealing to buy make-up that looks good. I was quite disappointed with the packaging for this lipstick as I think it’s quite plain and a little cheap looking. It might be expected of cheaper brand products but Etude House is very cheap and their packaging is always extremely attractive.
That being said, the lipstick container is very sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Cezanne 10 Cezanne 12I think this lipstick looks much prettier with the lid off. I did originally want to buy #304 but unfortunately after I’d placed my order I was informed this shade was actually out of stock. I chose #206 because it was really similar to #304 and I’m really pleased with it. It’s a really beautiful colour that’s suitable for wearing night or day.

Cezanne 14Here’s a swatch of the lipstick. It’s really creamy and glides on easily. It’s not totally opaque but it’s still still very vibrant and the colour pay-off is good. As I’ve mentioned before, I have very dry lips, so the texture of this lipstick is perfect for me.

Cezanne lipAnd here’s what it looks like on my lips. On the left I’ve done a Korean gradient lip and on the right is the full-lip look and it works well for both styles. The texture of the lipstick means it applies really easily and makes my lips look healthy and moisturised. Although it is quite a silky lipstick, you should be aware that it does show up any dry patches you may have so make sure to exfoliate your lips before you apply it.

Overall I really like this product. It’s a good price, it nice colour pay-off, is available in a variety of colours, lasts well and looks really pretty. I’ll definitely buy more in other colours!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the review and that it’s been useful

7 thoughts on “Review: Cezanne Lasting Lip Color N #206

  1. I guess it didn’t post my previous comment!! But I need that lipstick in my life, it looks sooo beautiful!! I got to try some Japanese makeup products too. I didn’t see if you mentioned it, but do they ship to the U.S.??


    • Thank you! 🙂 I do really recommend Cezanne as well as Canmake and Dolly Wink if you’re new to Japanese products. As far as I know they pretty much ship to every country. They’re based in Japan but they shipped it to me in the UK so I think they would most likely ship to the U.S too 🙂 Just be careful if you order too much though because you might get a customs charge. My order was over £35 so I had to pay a £20 customs fee, which is absolutely ridiculous 😦

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