Review: Etude House Color in Liquid Lips (New Product)

Liquid Lips featuredHello everyone!
I have another product review for you today – Color In Liquid Lips by Etude House. I love Etude House so I couldn’t resist buying this brand new lip product. I bought mine in shades PK009 and BE102. I tend to buy my lip products in similar shades and wanted to try something new which is why I bought BE102. I bought mine from BeautyNetKorea for £6 each so they are fairly cheap.
This post is going to be pretty photo heavy because with it being a new product, I’m assuming most of you won’t have seen anything other than the promotional pictures.

Liquid Lips 15 Liquid Lips 4 Liquid Lips 5 Liquid Lips 6Here is the outer packaging for the product. It comes in a cardboard box like all of Etude House’s products and I think the pattern is very appealing. It’s also useful that the box matches the colour of the product so if, like me, you decide to keep the boxes you can quickly find the colour you want.

Liquid Lips 7 Liquid Lips 8 Liquid Lips 12And here is the actual product. I love this packaging! It looks like it is a lipstick in a clear bottle but it’s actually a liquid product (as the name suggests) and uses an applicator. The pattern around the lid and the ‘lipstick’ in the middle matches the box and I think it looks a lot more expensive than £6. Again, the colour of the ‘lipstick’ matches the colour of the product for ease when finding the colour you want.

Liquid Lips 9Here you can see better what I mean when I say it is a liquid product. The bottles contain 3.5g of product but you only need a very small amount as it is extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Liquid Lips 11 Liquid Lips 10Here you can see the applicator properly. It is described as a ‘water drop shape’ and although I think it looks pretty, I found it difficult to apply the product. Normally these type of applicators are fine for me but because of the mousse-like texture of the product and how vivid and pigmented they are, it is hard to apply it perfectly and I found that it did bleed slightly, particularly when using PK009.

Liquid Lips 13On the left is PK009 and on the right is BE102. As you can see, their texture is quite thick and they are really pigmented – this is only one swipe! PK009 is much more shiny than BE102 and to be honest, neither of them look anything like their promotional pictures. BE102 is much more pink than I expected and PK09 is meant to be a dark pink, but actually swatches as red.

Liquid Lips collageThis is how they applied on my lips. On the left I have done a Korean style gradient lip and on the right is the full-lip look. According to Etude House, Color In Liquid Lips is good for a gradient lip but I found it really difficult to use for this style. The colours are extremely vivid and apply smoothly. However, I did find that it felt heavy on my lips and I could really notice I was wearing a lip product. On the plus side, although they look shiny it didn’t feel sticky at all.

Liquid LipsI found that dabbing off any excess with a tissue did only slightly toned down the colour and made it much more wearable so I would recommend doing this once you have applied it.
Due to it being a liquid type product it does transfer easily when eating and drinking so you will most likely need to reapply during the day. However, it does leave a stain on your lips so it’s not too much of a problem.

I do like Color In Liquid Lips but it’s definitely not my favourite Etude House product. Although it has great pigmentation, lovely packaging and is a good price it is also quite difficult to apply and feels heavy on your lips. Also be aware that the promotional pictures do not represent the actual colours of the product well. I don’t think I will be buying any more of these but it’s by no means a bad product.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review!
Arigatou for reading

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