Korean Grill House: Bibimbap & Grape Juice

Today I treated my mother to dinner at Mannaza, since I was desperate to go back and was sure she would love it. This time I had my camera so I was able to get much better photos (the last ones were taken on my boyfriend’s phone).

Korean GrillWe both ordered the grape juice because it is simply delicious and it’s so much fun sucking up the grapes through the straw! I was having to force myself to not drink it all before my food arrived. As much I was craving the same dish I got last time, I thought I should try something new. I ordered the bibimbap (mixed rice) with beef, served in a hot stone bowl. I just thought it sounded gorgeous so I was really excited to try it.

Korean Grill 10Korean Grill 6When it arrived I was amazed by how beautiful it looked. The presentation is absolutely stunning and I love the little egg yolk in the middle. It was served with spicy Korean sauce that you could pour on yourself. Unfortunately, as lovely as ‘served in a hot stone bowl’ sounded, the bowl was so hot that the rice continued cooking and the sides were a bit too crispy to eat. The vegetables were really fresh and delicious but I found that this dish was a bit lacking in flavour and really benefitted from the sauce.

Korean Grill 8My mam ordered the prawn curry with rice and I willingly accepted her offer to try it. It was really fresh and the curry sauce was delicious. The salad was a bit confusing though as it was covered in salad cream! It seemed a bit British for a Korean restaurant.

Korean Grill 5 Korean Grill 7We ordered two side dishes as well: pickled cucumber and kimchi. The kimchi was a lot stronger than last time so I’m assuming it had been fermenting for longer but it was still really tasty. I could live on those pickled cucumbers! To be honest, I could happily go in there just to order grape juice and cucumbers.

Korean Grill 2I don’t think I would order the bibimbap again but I still love the restaurant and will definitely go back for more. I’m already checking the online menu to see what I can order next time!

Thank you for reading.

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