Sushi & Plum Wine

Hi everyone!
I recently discovered plum wine and absolutely fell in love with it. It can be really expensive in a lot of restaurants but at St Sushi it’s only between £3-£3.90 for a glass, depending on which wine you choose. I chose the Miyabi umeshu but unfortunately you can’t buy it online. There are a lot of different kinds available on Japan Centre though so I would definitely have a look there if you are interested in trying it.

St Sushi I normally hate wine but I really wanted to try this one. I’m glad I did because you can really taste the plums in it and it’s such a warming drink. I normally drink it straight but I’d like to try it as a cocktail.

St Sushi 2We also ordered lots of delicious sushi! We ordered cucumber maki, red pepper maki, smoked salmon nigiri and smoked salmon and asparagus nigiri. It only came to £20 for all the sushi and two glasses of plum wine which is amazing value for all this food and drink!

St Sushi 4 St Sushi 5 St Sushi 3

I’m feeling very plump and content right now!
Thank you for reading.

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