Review: Etude House Rosy Tint Lips

Hi everyone! I’m back with another review, this time it’s one of my favourite ever lip products. They’ve been around for quite a while but I wanted to review them anyway. I own three of the shades and I am really tempted to buy more of them. I own #3 Rose Petal, #5 Baby Peony and #8 After Blossom and they cost me £5.70 each from Beauty Net Korea. I think this is insanely cheap for how good these are.

Rosy Tint 5 Rosy Tint 6They come in two different boxes, depending on the colour you buy. I’m not sure which colours come in which box but #3 and ‘5 came in the white box and #8 came in the darker red and pink box. The reason I’ve only photographed two of the boxes is because a drink leaked in my bag and ruining the box for #3, and breaking my heart in the process.

Rosy Tint 8Here is what the actual lipstick looks like. They are simple but sturdy and the colour of the packaging reflects the colour of the lipstick. There is 7g of product within the tube and although a lot of people have complained that the product is hard to squeeze out, I don’t find it to be a problem at all. Although there is slight force needed to get at the lipstick, I think it’s a really good way of controlling how much product you use and ensures there is no wastage.

Rosy Tint 9This is how it all begins. It’s a soft, squidy little sponge that’s nice and clean. All you have to do it squeeze the tube and lo and behold, there’s the lipstick! Now you just dab it onto your lips before using the sponge to smooth it all in. Etude House claims that they have a ‘petal velvet texture’. I had no idea what this would actually feel like until I tried it, and weirdly it’s a really accurate description. The lipstick has a delicate rose scent and although it’s a velvet texture, it’s extremely soft and lightweight on your lips.

Rosy Tint 10Here’s what they look like after a while of usage (L-R #5, #3, #8) Only #5 and #8 have been used consistently as I have only just received #3. It doesn’t look very attractive but I overlook this because I love this lipstick so much. They also start to feel a bit damp after the sponge has become clogged up with lipstick and I’m not entirely sure how hygienic this is.

Rosy Tint 11Now for the swatches. Weirdly, they all look really similar when swatched on my hand but they all look completely different when applied on the lips. As you probably know by now, I suffer badly with dry lips. I exfoliate them and use lip balm every day and they still end up really dry, so I can never use matte lipstick. This product is my saviour! Although it’s matte it isn’t drying and is really soft to apply so I can finally use something other than lip tint or sheer lipsticks.

Rosy TintFirst up is #5 Baby Peony. On my hand it swatched much darker, but it is actually a pretty, delicate pink when applied to the lips. If you haven’t exfoliated before applying this, it will show up any dry patches because it is a lighter colour.

Rosy Tint 2Next is #3 Rose Petal. This actually looks really similar to the swatch on my hand and is a lovely orange-toned pink. I’m really looking forward to using this in the spring. As it’s a darker colour, it also doesn’t show up dry patches as much.

Rosy Tint 3#8 After Blossom is my favourite of the three. It’s the perfect all-round product because you can apply it really lightly for an every day look or you can go all out and go for the really bold plum colour. For some reason it shows as red in this photograph but it is actually plum. The only problem I have with it is that because it’s darker you have to be super careful when applying it because any mistakes will be glaringly obvious.

I’ve been using #3 and #8 constantly and they’ve lasted through many meals, drinks and accidental mouth swiping. I think they’re great quality, extremely pretty and they’re so cheap there’s no reason not to buy them! I’ve pretty much convinced myself to buy more of them now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
Thank you for reading

12 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Rosy Tint Lips

    • I completely recommend that you do! 🙂
      I’m so tempted to buy the other 5 but then I feel like I’ll be a crazy lady with a million lipsticks I don’t use


  1. Oh my gosh! I love these shades 🙂 I have been really wanting to try more Korean cosmetics! I am so obsessed with them at the moment. TonyMoly is the only one that I have tried so far and I am so impressed by all of their products and all of the CUTE packaging 🙂


    • I first tried Korean cosmetics a couple of years ago and was completely hooked! I love how cute and cheap most Korean brands are, as well as the fact they work well. I have a few TonyMoly things and I’ve always found them to be good 🙂
      If you’re wanting to try out some new brands I recommend Etude House, Innisfree, Missha, Lioele, Peripera and Holika Holika to name a few 🙂
      If there’s anything in particular you’re wanting to try and want to know if it’s any good, feel free to check with me if I have it and I’ll let you know!

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