Easy Korean Gradient Lips

Gradient Lip 6I’ve noticed that a lot of gradient lip tutorials use a mountain of products to get the look. I’ll be honest and say a lot of the time, I can’t be bothered to use so many products and so much of my time just on my lipstick. However, I really like the gradient lip style. What a dilemma! I’ve been messing around with a lot of my make-up to see what works best for a really quick and easy way to get this gorgeous Korean style.  I swear it takes about two minutes to do this, so it’s perfect for those of you who have busy lifestyles.

Lip Gradient collageHere are the four products I used: lip balm, BB cream, lip tint and (optional) lipgloss. You could also use foundation, concealor or lipstick. The products I used are the It’s Skin macaroon lip balm, Holika Holika Petit BB cream, Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in OR202 and RD301 and TonyMoly Fruit Princess lip gloss.

  • If you have dry lips like me, start by exfoliating them and then applying a small amount of lip balm – you don’t want it to be too sticky.
  • The lip balm will make it easier to apply the BB cream (or any other nude thing you want to use to mask the colour of your lips). I recommend using a brush for this part.
  • Once you’ve coverd up the colour of your lips, pat on a small amount of lip tint and blend outwards, giving them a slight flush of colour.
  • Then all you need to do is apply a full, dark line in the middle of your lips and blend it outwards.
  • You can choose to leave it like this, or you can apply lipgloss on the outer edges of your lips.
  • And then you’re done!

Here I used Fresh Cherry Tint in RD301 for a bold but pretty everyday look. I didn’t use lipgloss for this one.

Here I used Fresh Cherry Tint in OR202 for a softer, more natural look. I applied a small amount of lipgloss just for a bit of extra shine.

Korean gradient lips are a great way of making bold colours suitable for everyday use, as well as just mixing up your make-up techniques. I hope this has helped make this style more achievable!

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