Korean Make-up for Free!

Free Beauty featuredIt’s officially the first day of Spring, and what a great day it has been so far! I’ve had a couple of deliveries of things today that I bought with store credit such as a beautiful bag from Yesstyle (more on that later) and some free things from Beauty Net Korea. I’ve been buying from Beauty Net Korea for at least the past two years, and to be honest I completely forgot you even build up store credit with purchases. A couple of weeks ago I logged into my account and noticed I had £16 ($24) to spend on their store! I don’t think I’ve ever saved up so much store credit before so I was over the moon at being able to treat myself to a few things for free.

Free Beauty 3I’d been wanting the Holika Holika Jewel Light Shuffle Color Eyes for so long so it was the perfect opportunity to buy it. I ordered mine in #1 Scarlet Red and it cost £4.85.

Free Beauty 2It’s so pretty, and I love the mix of colours. It’s smaller than I was expecting and is around the same size as Etude House’s Look At My Eyes collection. The eyeshadow is lovely and soft and manages to be pigmented as well as subtle. I think this will be great for everyday use.

Free Beauty 5I decided to buy a new skin product as I prefer not to use foundation in Spring. I’ve been trying out a new Korean skincare routine and I’m feeling much more confident with my skin so I wanted to use something lighter. I’m normally reluctant to try Korean bases and BB creams because even though they look great, they are normally too yellow-toned for my extremely pale skin. Since I was getting it for free, I decided to try out Tonymoly’s Luminous Goddess Aura Goddess Maker. It’s a make-up base that provides coverage for your skin.

Free Beauty 6I ordered mine in #3 Glam Aura because it has a slight shimmer and whitening properties that looked as though it would be pale enough for my skin. It’s pretty cheap and only costs £4.40.

Free Beauty 7It’s quite a small product as you only get 15ml of make-up base. It does spread out quite a lot though so you shouldn’t need much. I’ve noticed it makes my skin feel extremely soft and the subtle shimmer is very pretty for sunny weather. It also has a faint rose scent which I really like.

Free Beauty 8 Free Beauty 9The cream itself is quite pale and blends out to almost transparent. You can slightly see the shimmer on the photo but it is more noticeable in person; not so much that it looks tacky, just enough to give you a nice glow.

Oh the star of the show. Etude House’s Fantastic Color Eyes in Rose Garden. I’ve also bought this in Cherry Blossom but Beauty Net Korea only stocked it in this type. It cost £8.50 and in my opinion is worth every penny.

Free beauty 10Free Beauty 11I love this palette, it is so, so gorgeous! It’s a lot smaller than I was expecting but more beautiful than I imagined! I’m disappointed it’s not scented like the majority of Etude House’s projects but I can live with that.

Free Beauty 12I love every single one of these colours, I think this palette is perfect for Spring and I can’t wait until the other one arrives! Honey Bouquet is the only glittery type but Juliette, Antique Touch and Vintage Rose all have a subtle shimmer to them. Handtied and My Girl are matte shades.

Free Beauty 13Free Beauty 16The colours are fairly pigmented and are easily buildable. The eyeshadows themselves are really soft and apply nicely too, I can’t wait to use this palette properly!

Free Beauty 14Since it’s Beauty Net Korea and they’re always ridiculously generous, they also sent these free samples! For those of you who are good at maths, you’ll notice this all came to £17.75. I had £16 store credit so it wasn’t technically free, but you know what, I’ll happily pay £1.75 for all this!

I hope your first day of Spring has been just as lovely!

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